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St. Matthew Elementary School Reviews

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When a student misbehaves or breaks the rules the proper disciplinary actions are taken
All of the students at St. Matthews are open and bond well with each other. Many opportunities for students are given to bond with students outside their class and many students make friends with classmates outside of their class. The small class sizes also allow students to become close and devolp strong friendships durring their 9 years at this school
The teachers are very open to helping the students and they are always there to help a student in need. They look out for students who may be struggling academicly or socially and want the student to thrive in every way.
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This school is unique because of the small student population it gives the students more of a opportunity to work with the students one on one.
The school field is directed towards elementary grade soccer games but is not a high quality field to play a game at. The purpose of the school field is for students at recess to run around and play soccer or other sports on. CYO fields are booked so the school teams have a place to practice or play. The teams get a lot of help from coaches and have a strong sports team program. Physical Education is a class given to every class giving the students a chance to exercise and learn more about how to stay fit and learn a variety of games to play to encourage exercise while having fun.
There are a variety of clubs, sports and activities for students to get involved in. Many of the clubs fit to the students interests and are open for any student to join and participate.
All of the classrooms are locked at the end of the day. Every classroom also consists of a fire alarm and shades to cover the windows and door window in case of a lockdown. There are electronic key codes to enter the building at all enterences. At each of the portables they are secured by alarm and if the alarm code is not disabled within 60 seconds of the door being unlocked the poliece are notified. Security cameras are also at the main enterences.
St. Matthews is a culturally rich and diverse enviornment. It is not selective by race or gender and is open to all students. The student does not have to apply to become a student at this school because they are a minor. There is no discrimination against race or gender and each class has a wide range of ethnicity. Financial aid is open to all students upon request and upon financial need.
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