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St. Mary's has been a wonderful experience for me. I am a high school junior and I love St. Mary's. The students are all so close because everyone knows each other on campus. It is a small school but a great school.
I have had a great experience at St. Mary's Preparatory High School. When I first attended the school, I was nervous and did not know what to expect. My school experience prior to St. Mary's was with 95% African American students. My first day as a freshmen was really good. I met so many people from all backgrounds and nationalities. As my time continued on at St. Mary's, I participated in multiple sporting activities. I learned so many lessons playing sports at. I have gained a brotherhood with young men I will always cherish. The teachers at St. Mary's will always be remembered. They were so nice and really took an interest in me. Whenever I had problems, the teachers did not hesitate to help. So, you ask me how was my experience, it was the best and I will always cherish my experience at St. Mary's Preparatory High School. If there was one thing I would change, it would be upgrading the technology on the schools campus due to its age.
Perfect place for a wellrounded catholic education for boys. The school administration and teachers work on developing great character in the boys from the minute they step on campus. Administration is involved and enthusiastic about their job as a leader and role model for the boys. Teachers seek to make the boys successful and are always available for extra help. Opportunity for every student to join a sport and to become part of a team if they so desire. Lots of clubs to choose from as well. Communication with parents is excellent and parent participation is expected from both Parents. All of this is what makes the school an excellent choice for parents to sent their son to.
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The best decision I ever made was to go to St. Marys. The teachers, campus and sports are top notch.
School nurse is always there to help students with any problem. Always feel safe while on campus.
Many students come for just sports and it shows with the amount of state championships we have received.
The brotherhood at St. Mary's is incomparable.
Most of the teachers care about the school and their job
The teachers here do everything in their power to teach properly and they all care about every student.
There are no problems with health and safety at school.
The sports here are amazing and it is always fun to go on the field with all of your good friends.
I loved it here, it was the best years of my life and I would do it all over again if I could.
We have a diverse student body
The school is like a big family with students, teachers and parents
Taking College Calculus, many AP classes too
The have a school nurse and a dean of students who handles al discipline issues.
All types of sports, various clubs and services clubs (like Kiwanis and Knights of Columbus Squires)
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The entire administration is focused on giving your child the best education in a Catholic Campus setting
Teachers go above and beyond each any every day
The teachers there are amazing and unique. Everyone is different and has something to offer you. Some are more lector rial while others are more hands on and creative. They are very active and dedicated to the students and want nothing for the best for them. They try and tell them their mistakes they had made in life so we don't make them too. The teaching staff overall has good communication skills. They remind multiple times before an assignment is due, they are available on their personal phones and via email, they post and update our online grading site regularly, and notify the parents when you are not performing well. The consistency in grading is great. They tell you in the beginning of the year on how they are going to grade and you can expect that from there on out.