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In terms of Catholic schools, it's one of the betters. I can refer this because I've wasted an indecent amount of my early academic career at a mediocre to downright awful prepatory Catholic school from grades 3-8. Saint Mary's (unlike said school) actually cared about it's students safety and emotional well-being. People would not ignore you when you cried or told you to suck up abuse. There is a drive to learn and succeed amount most students, not a cold fear of failure. Teachers are usually there and willing to help, especially with students with slight mental disabilities. It's not the best, there is a drug issue so safety is not entirely secure, but it's pretty good for the most part.
My time spent at St. Mary's High School molded me into a responsible young adult who can manage academics, sports, and a social life to the best of my abilities.
Students are very involved in with the school curriculum, extra cuticular and athletics. Saint Mary’s teaches Christian values very thoughtfully and is very respectful to other religions as well.
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Not very diverse. Not very welcoming if you did not come from a feeder Catholic school. Very "Cliquey." Lots of politics. Overall a terrible experience.
Saint Mary's offers a lot of great class options, clubs and sports, and Christian fellowship. There is a small teacher to student ratio.
I love Saint Mary’s! I appreciate the effort the staff puts in to give students the best quality education they can receive. Additionally, the athletics department is incredible. I love that Saint Mary’s invests in its students and to make the school better constantly. The only thing I would change is creating a system so that students don’t need to purchase their own textbooks and can borrow them and return them at the end of the year.
I went to Saint Mary's High School for four years. I really liked the community feel. Everyone knew each other t was just a good experience when it came to the students. Most of the teachers were good. I had a couple who I did have problems with. That was simply because of poor communication on their end and not making themselves available to help you. Overall it was a good experience.
Honestly, high school was the best experience of my life. I enjoyed way more than I do college. I would go back back and relive my high school experience. I made the closest friend I've ever had. As a graduating class of a little less of 200 students, there was never any cliches. everyone at my high school got along and everyone was included. All my teachers were amazing teachers. Each teacher knew everyone on a personal level. I feel since the teachers were close to the students, many students were not afraid to contact the teacher or ask for help after class. when I have children in the future they will be attending this high school because I had the best experience there.
I really enjoyed my experience at Saint Mary’s. The environment was very supportive of your college plans and gave the best resources possible.
Teachers and staff truly care about the students here!! There are many rules that can be an annoyance but academics are great and challenging and overall a great High School.
They have good religion teachers and implement God into everything. The sports are also are amazing!
It’s a community of genuine staff and students who become family. The classes are indeed challenging and prepare you well for college!
As a student at Saint Mary's, I liked the small class sizes and, as a result, how each teacher came to know each student as an individual, with strengths and weaknesses of his or her own. I also like how there are many strong sports, clubs, and other activities to participate in.
My experience of St. Mary's high school opened many doors for my personal life in the present and future. As a student athlete, expectations had always been high for we truly had a tradition of excellence. It was not uncommon to see students be involved in multiple extra curricular activities whilst maintaining above a 4.0 GPA. Personally, the girls varsity volleyball team I played on had a team GPA of 4.1. Most of the teachers were patient and showed passion in their teachings. I am grateful for the quality of education and community in which my high school has granted me.
I moved to saint mary’s as a junior in the second semester. I was very nervous to be starting a completely new school as an upperclassmen but to my surprise, it was a very welcoming school. The teachers love to get to know their students on a personal level and make the school a very enjoyable place. The academics are amazing and the school has a nice and wide variety of challenging classes to take. The students at the school are very nice and have a very respectful vibe.
I transferred to St. Marys High School my sophomore year. The school is very welcoming. All of the teachers and staff know most of the students by name. The sports facilities are very new. It is a college prep school and does a great job at preparing students for college.
Overall, I would rate my experience at St. Mary's very excellent. I felt I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and most importantly learned about the world outside of our safe high school bubble.
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St. Mary’s prepared me to further my education at a university. I had some good memories at this school.
I liked that it was a small school, but still had some room so that I didn't have to see people that I wasn't very fond of. I found friends that I made lasting connections with. I enjoyed most of my classes and the teachers knew fairly well how to teach the material.
Saint Mary's Is the perfect path to enter college. The preparation, academically and socially, allows you to navigate the challenges you face as a teenager, and prepares you to face the challenges you may encounter as a young adult in college. Excellent education.
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