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Small classes, technology usage, academic rigor are areas of strength for the school. It is a small school with safety measures in place.
The biggest thing that my experience at St. Mary's taught me is that private school is a scam. I could have gotten the same education at a public school and would probably have been more prepared for college, specifically college-level math and science. The culture here is abysmal; casual racism, sexism, and homophobia are rampant, likely due to the lack of diversity. In my graduating class of 95 students, there was ONE black student, who was biracial, and less than ten students of other races. The only redeeming factor is the teachers, who are supportive, caring, and very qualified. Other than that, I was disappointed in all other aspects of St. Mary's.
I’ve attended St. Mary’s all four years of high school after transferring from a public middle school, and overall I’ve loved it. I know that there are stereotypes and stigmas attached to the school, but as I’ve been here, practically all of them have been proven wrong. Academics and athletics are taken very seriously here, and many students receive scholarships and/or commit to colleges for athletics (if that’s what you’re looking for). Everyone I’ve met here is so nice, and school spirit is alive! Although it is a small school, it has many opportunities open to students and plenty of great things to put on a college resume like clubs, leadership, athletics, advanced classes, etc. My personal favorite has been campus ministry! It’s very inclusive and there’s tons of fun trips and retreats to be apart of. It’s a tight knit community, built around preparing you for college. If you are on the fence about going here: do it! You won’t regret it.
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I was super worried when I applied to St. Mary’s, as it tends to have a reputation of not having the nicest students. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The students are very good at socializing with everyone around them, regardless of how long they’ve known them or what they look like. While the math program leaves a little to be desired, the teachers overall work hard and are excited to teach you
Safe, but ripe with favoritism. If you're not playing a popular sport, or from a family that's popular in the community, you will be actively pushed aside by the administration. Several times in the years I, or my friends were associated with them, did they wrongly enter students' GPAs so that an unpopular student would lose the Validictorian or Saludatorian race in favor of a more popular student. This has happened at least four times in the decade my family members attended there. However, the environment is safe and some teachers are great.
St. Mary's High School offers a safe, supportive community in which students can grow and explore their interests. Although the student body is small and consequently some resources are limited, St. Mary's offers excellent preparation for the future beyond high school through its rigorous academics and extracurricular opportunities.
I really loved St.Mary's High School and i still do. Whether it's the rigorous classes or talking to the amazing teaching staff, everything that you can think of is straight up amazing. I am currently a junior and I have transferred from three different schools so far. That all stops here St.Mary's is anything and everything i could ask for!
St. Mary’s High School is like a family. The school is small enough to know every administrator, teacher and faculty. The school is also connected to a Catholic church which makes the religion aspect of the school even more important and interesting. There is nothing I would change about Saint Mary’s school, I loved my experience.
The teachers here are outstanding they really care, and try to develop young minds. Their attention to detail really helps students to succeed. The athletics here are also amazing, coaches really develop athletes and many go on to play in college.
I really enjoyed the college-esque schedule and the excellent education. However the administration is definitely not something to write home about.
St. Mary’s High School in Annapolis, Maryland is amazing! It is an excellent school in every way. Outstanding and unique, a tremendous value and such a blessing to it’s students and families.
Great teachers, good education, good athletics, good opportunities, safe, fair. Overall very good experience and happy I chose it.
St. Mary's is a warm, nurturing environment with caring teachers and administration. The curriculum is challenging and prepares students well for college. As a smaller school, it offers an excellent athletic program and overall focuses on the whole child--spiritual, physical, as well as intellectual.
perfect if you are looking for a small school and located on a beautiful piece of land in downtown Annapolis
Education a plus at this school, especially with ratio to student. Bullying is a major problem for which the school refuses to take action. Alcohol and drugs are encouraged with little to no discipline even after putting students in harms way and reported it. Consequences for being out of uniform policy in enforced more than anything. Bottom line, if it affects the schools reputation if will be covered up. These are true facts and have made several reports to the school with no further action taken.
The teachers here really care about their students and the school provides a very rigorous academic program if you are placed into the honors level classes.
St Marys is a good school and I feel it has prepared me well for college. The teachers for the most part are helpful and understand the subject they are teaching, but there are a few that do not understand how to teach what they know to the students. I would like to see a change in the administration because I feel that males are favored and have more freedom than females. The one spectacular part of my experience at this school was getting involved in campus ministry, and I would encourage everyone to get involved in it. This program allows for students to grow in their faith, serve and create friendships that will last a lifetime.
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St Mary's is truly a unique school. When searching for possible schools to attend for my high school career, St Mary's was the only educational facility that truly met my expectations of what my perfect highschool would be like. Not only does my school offer excellent classes, it fosters a truly catholic, and welcoming spirit that makes sure that no matter what Economic background, religion, culture, or any background of life you come from, you belong.
The thing that I liked most about St. Mary's is that it is a friendly community where everyone knows everyone. Also the academics are very strong . There are allot of after school activities that gets all the St. Mary's community involved and makes us grow stronger.
I truly loved this school. I wish the athletic fields were better, but other than that, great experience. Due to the school being so small it was so great to know everything there is about a person. For me it's something I really looked for and I was so happy to have it
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