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St. Mary Catholic High School Reviews

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My experience at St Marys was like no other. I am a devout Catholic and the faith along with education received has prepared me for the next phase of my life. I would never trade anything for my days as a Tiger.
At. Mary’s has a great family environment. Starting the day off as a school in the gym for morning prayer helps us connect as a school from the very beginning of the day. Seniors have kindergarten buddies, and 6th graders have preschool buddies. It allows our students to be mentors to the younger students. I would like to see the arts (music, drama, art, movement) brought into the school.
My experience at St. Mary's has been one of leadership and pride. I am involved in many extracurricular activities such as baseball, football, power lifting, as well as many clubs and service work. These include Beta club, FBLA, FCA, and National Honor Society. Our school promotes leadership among the upperclassmen so that they will be examples to the elementary students.
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My experience at St. Mary's was very memorable. What stands out the most to me is the fact that I have been around most of my classmates since the age of 4 or 5. It is amazing to see how much our school will come together and support someone or something, as if we are a family. One thing I would change is the class schedules. In recent years, specifically this year, students have not been allowed to leave campus to take a college class. Dual enrollment classes are offered, but some students would like to take more college classes and aren't able to do so.
My experience in St. Mary's School was wonderful! The education was so superb although I would like to see an improvement in terms of facilities and resources. That'd be all!
This is a school that has been around since 1888. Once you attend St. Mary's, you will forever be bound in spirit and Tiger Pride to the school even if you are not part of the "popular crowd." My children do not feel pressured to drink, do drugs or to follow the crowd. They stand up for what is right for their fellow classmates. With the current Religion Department, there is a lot of classroom discussion about diversity, respect, uniqueness and love for one another, not necessarily just Catholic, but more Judeo-Christian Doctrine. There is "Tiger Pride" in every aspect of the school from the Principal down to the newest student. Over the last four years salaries have been raised to compete with the local median salaries at the public schools so the teaching staff has consistently improved. There is a tradition of generations of families moving back to Natchitoches to send their children to the same school the parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents attended. Today, it is the premier school of choice in Natchitoches.
St. Mary's does not necessarily have the highest quality teachers. I'm sure it is hard to get overly qualified teachers to come to a low salary private school. With that in mind they do okay, but some areas are very weak depending on what grade. In each department there is probably one good teacher, the other(s) essentially a joke.
There is not great diversity at St. Mary's.The classes are very small so that makes having a diverse crowd difficult. I wouldn't necessarily say there's peer pressure but pretty much everyone does the same things. If their friends are drinking, smoking pot, or cheering at the football games, they are doing it too. Also being a Catholic private school in Natchitoches, LA most children are white. Everyone is Christian, obviously primarily Catholic. Anything but heterosexuality is a shock.
I have enjoyed going to St. Mary's. It's small but everyone there is like family. The school pride never dies, with 80 year old alumni still cheering at football games. I hope they can get better quality teachers and curriculum soon to be ahead of the public high school. None the less, I would choose St. Mary's over and over again.
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