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Love the Campus and Friendly staff . I have gotten excellent help when needed from School counselors especially Mrs. Sherwood. Several of the Teachers have treated me as if I was their child. Campus is always clean. I do feel very safe during this pandemic we have been given the options to home school or return to campus. In Jan 2021 I plan to return to campus.
I like the school. The principal is on target. However it can be a bit clickish. They have a handle on bullying but some do fall in the cracks. Easy access for parents to talk to teachers. Academics are great and the school works hard for the students to get them to graduation and college ready. They have boot camps for ACT.
Everything about St. Martin is decent. All the teachers are okay, but all the students try to act try to act way too cool. They end up looking like idiots all the time.
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St. Martin is a great, diverse school! The principals and teachers are very supportive and always try to help in anyways possible. They truly do care about their students’ education and always work their hardest to provide us with the best.
St. Martin High School is a great school with a lot of teachers who really know what they are doing. The only thing wrong with the school is that there are a handful of teachers that just suck but that is with any school.
During this pandemic, the school has really made sure the students have what they need and make sure they’re okay!
I love this school! I’ve been here all of my life, and loved all my teachers and friends. However, the school could be more inclusive.
St.Martin High School is a school not just where you learn, but it teaches you how to get read for adulthood. It has classes all about financing and marketing to help teens later on in the future.
I would definitely rate St.Martin a five star. Everything there is amazing, the academic and administration there is over and beyond. Their staff is amazing and always brings safety first when it comes to school. They always put their students first. They always make school fun and a safe environment. Teachers make sure that their seniors are college ready and know every bit and detail about the real world.
I truly love everything about St. Martin High School.. The admin and staff go over and beyond for every student. They always put safety first, which i personally love about that. Not only do they care about the Safety and Education us students learn. They also care about the sports, and their personal life of their students in and out of school. I would give them a 5 star rate.
I love St. Martin High School . The teachers work hard to help us pass . They even do over time to make sure we understand the work that is given to us . I love how they are always on us to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to . They are not only teachers to us they can also be our best friend . When we are having a bad day , we can always go to them . When I first came to St. Martin High School, they welcomed me with opened arms . I knew I would love St Martin school district.
Everything about the school is perfect: nice environment, easy-to-access facilities, etc. You feel welcome at this school. The only thing I would change is the daily lunch menu.
I really liked this campus. It is diverse and gives many opportunities. One thing that Saint Martin should change is that the clubs should be more involved. No one likes to participates in the events since they do not get a prize or gift from it.
What I like about this school is how it gives back to the people in need of supplies for example before Thanksgiving the got students to donate to families who were in need of food. Another thing I like about the school is how in december you can buy kids presents who really dont get much for Christmas and the school sends the presents to the kids
I like the overall atmosphere, however, some aspects are not helpful to the student body. There are tendencies of underlying racism and prejudice to the lgbtq+ community.
St. Martin High School is a pretty decent school for its size. There are teachers here that care about their students, but they make up the minority. The food served is disappointing and does not take into account the health of the students. I often pick the salads as an acceptable alternative. The rivalry among classes is laughable; pep rallies hosting inter-class tournaments do not the legitimate support to be engaging. The club and activities scene is also subpar. If the school has a BACC club, what is stopping the formation of an LGBTQ+ club? The administration apparently, as testimony from multiple students in several attempts suggests. The saving grace of the school are its students. I have found some of the most important people in my life at this school, and, although this is not an uncommon statement, I believe this reflects onto the student body. Overall, St. Martin is pretty average, but could be alot better in all demensions.
The students here are awful and all the teachers do is yell and play on their self phones its more of a teach yourself kind of school.
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It’s a pretty good school to go to. Great teachers and people there to make it a great environment to be in.
St. Martin High School is committed to ensuring students' success both inside and outside of the classroom. There are many wonderful faculty and staff members there to help with studying tips, note-taking skills, and testing strategies. Everyone is encouraged to get involved in something, whether it be a sport, club, etc. There is no family quite like the St. Martin Family.
St. Martin High School is amazing. The principal is top notch and cares about each and every student. The school is very welcoming and everyone is kind to one another. We have so many amazing clubs. Whenever a student wants to start a club, our principal is ready to find a sponsor to make it happen. We have a very diverse student body and our school feels very safe. St. Martin has great athletics and an amazing crowd. We have a brand new football field and track, as well as a new baseball and football field house. Since I have started in St. Martin High School, we have won two state championships in dance and one in both bowling and cheer.
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