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St Margaret's School is a good place. The facilities could be improved but the teachers generally a concerned and work hard to prepare us for college. The campus is in a small town but located on the river bank so very pretty.
St. Margeret's School provides a one-of-a-kind college prep environment for young girls. In my 5 year tenure, I've witnessed first-hand individual care for each student that I have not seen at other schools. The community is well bonded that transfers into lifelong relationships. The Alumnae body of SMS personifies the term Sisterhood. Ladies from all walks of life, interests, and abilities have such high regard for each other from their time as students that can span more than 50 years after graduation.
Saint Margaret's school is a challenging experience, however it will be worth it in the long run. Traditions are one on the most amazing parts of the school and are what attracted me the most. In my last year I wanted to become a student leader to see if I wanted to be one in the future. Saint Margaret's provides students the opportunity to try new things and meet different people along the way.
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St. Margaret's allows girls to BE their authentic self in a society filled with instagram likes and snapchat streaks. The culture is one in a million! Girls find a community that is both nurturing and challenging. Our teachers push the girls to be their best while also shaping them into good citizens. My experience at St. Margaret's was truly transformational. This school believes in their students! They shape them into young women who have the tools to succeed in life.
My overall experience of St. Margaret's was like no other. I had a wonderful experience as a student here and I love visiting the school every year. My favorite aspect of SMS is the sisterhood traditions and sense of belonging in the community. I found my voice at SMS and I can now say the school has shaped me into the strong and independent woman I am today! Thanks SMS!
St. Margaret's is a jewel! I graduated several years ago, but have stayed close to the School. I met important lifelong friends and felt completely supported by the faculty and staff. When I attended a competitive university I was better prepared than most of my classmates. I feel that St. Margaret's was particularly strong in preparing me to be a leader in both my job and my community.
My experience at St Margaret's school is amazing, especially being an international student. St Margaret's teaches me how to be organized and prepares me for college life. The bonds with teachers are amazing as well as with peers who come from many different countries and backgrounds.
Like every school, SMS has its faults, but it is a great tool to use to get prepared for college. It is a very diverse school with students from 10-14 countries. This school is not meant for everyone, but for those that fit, the school community is amazing.
I found my family here at St. Margaret's and they are from all around the world! Students from the U.S. and countries such as Vietnam, China, Rwanda, Chile, and more come together at this amazing school in pastoral Virginia.  There is a lot of focus on academics, with classes tailored to each student. Teachers are helpful, ready to go the extra mile to help me do my personal best. As an ALL girls school, the staff empowers me to be the strongest version of me. My faith is supported, and the small amount of students selected to go to this exclusive and inclusive school makes for a fantastic place to forge close bonds with multinational students. The campus is beautiful, in a historic area of Virginia known as the "birthplace of the nation," rich with history and beauty. Richmond and Washington D.C. are within a two hour drive, but we're far enough away to be surrounded by amazing wildlife and the River. This is the best educational decision my parents ever made for me. Seriously!
I enjoy St. Margarets because it is not like any other boarding school. The small group of girls makes you feel at home. It is the main reason I love this school. I love St. Margarets because I have met people I would have never met without this school, it brings so many different cultures, races, ethnicities, and religions together. It makes us all one.
St. Margaret's prepared me for college in the best way. It also provided a safe and scholarly atmosphere to be productive in the classroom.
I transferred to this school as a senior, and to be blunt, I did not want to go here at all. During my tour, I was crying and ignoring everything my tour guide was saying. Once I got to this school I was overwhelmed with a sense of love and compassion. Through this school, I was able to improve my grades, make new friends, and become confident in who I am. If I could see things change at Saint Margaret's I would want to see the dorms get a little more revamped and renovated. a-house could use new washers and dryers and a new kitchen set up. Latane could use new showers and new kitchen set up as well. But other than that, this school is an amazing school and I'm glad to say that I can be a part of this school and proud to call myself a Scottie.
I grew up on a small Island and when I first attended St. Margaret's (SMS) I thought I would be so homesick, however the family at SMS made me feel so at home which allowed me to settle in quite quickly and not miss my family too much. The teachers, fellow class mates are all nice and friendly and the food is great. There are not too many things that I would change about SMS but one thing I would change is to improve the school's communication with parents. Being a first time student/parent to SMS we were hoping for a little more guidance on certain matters, but overall it has not been too bad.
St Margaret’s helped me prepare for the real world ! It is an amazing school with wonderful people who truly care about the growth of each woman there!
I am now a college freshman but I was a boarding student, class of 2018, coming in from Philadelphia. St. Margaret's is located in rural Tappahannock, a small town on the Rappahannock river. The school prepared me well for college, especially as a boarding student, because it helped me adjust to being away from home and having the freedom to study and be myself outside of my family. Being at SMS really connects you to so many people from around the world. Since I have been at SMS, we have represented 19 different countries in both students and faculty. I think St. Margaret's is a good school because I have made really great life-long connections with my teachers, students, and other faculty members. If I could change anything about SMS, I would add a better sex-ed program, discussions or classes about politics, and more about self-care and mental health.
Sending our daughter to St. Margaret’s School was the best decision and has helped our daughter grow into a very strong young woman. Study skills are taught, teacher assistance is available every day and many people throughout the school help the girls. As a junior last year my daughter realized that everything a college is looking for is what she has and is accomplishing at St. Margaret’s. She’s a senior this year and is holding several leadership positions, has volunteered in the community in many different ways, has taken increasingly more difficult classes (including dual enrollment classes), has made friends with a very diverse group (local, domestic as well as international), played a varsity sport for 4 years and has had the opportunity to try other sports that she may not have been able to in public school.
I would recommend that anyone consider SMS for your daughter!
We could not have found a safer, more welcoming school for our daughter than St. Margaret's. The girls from around the world and the US are positive and friendly. The structured environment means my daughter is learning academic skills and life skills before going to college. The classes are tailored to my daughter and all students there - where she needs help she is in a lower level, where she is excelling she is pushed ahead. Students can take One Schoolhouse AP courses in a variety of subjects or dual enroll at the nearby college. Sports and afternoon activities ensure that everyone has something fun to do in the afternoon - the River Program is amazing!!
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My daughter was bullied by a teacher and her self-esteem plummeted. The administration was fully aware of this situation and did absolutely nothing. This teacher has bullied many many students at SMS and many parents have complained to the administration. Again they did absolutely nothing and still allow this teacher to teach at SMS.
SMS will be a great place for students who do not have their academics straight, and who do not have any college potential otherwise. Students are programmed from the minute they wake up till the minute they go to bed. They can’t skip classes, or not do homework, or the punishments are gonna be severe. However, for those who actually already have college potential, SMS can be a living hell. Everyone’s grades will drop significantly once they enter SMS, regardless. Many teachers pick favorites and they will grade based on favor. Everyone knows the drill: “grades does not matter”. But let’s be real, the school already limit you from various college scholarships opportunities, and your college admissions chances will drop. They will say that SMS is a hard school and colleges know that - no they don’t. Except for some local colleges in Virginia, SMS is pretty much unknown to every other college. When looking at the curriculum, SMS does not rank well among good boarding schools.
Before you consider send your daughters here, consider a few things first.
Do you want your daughters to be academically competitive, well-rounded, exposed to good amount of technology learning? If so, don’t send your daughters here. It is a tinny boarding school in the middle of nowhere. The school doesn’t have strong academic resources. If you know, many high schools’ seniors take several AP classes, whereas this school does not prepare your daughters to this level. Also, lack of technology learning such as even basic Excel, programming, or web-building. If you are an international student, I STRONGLY encourage you not to come here. You will pay a lot of money, which you could well-spent at another high school in a metropolitan area, where you are exposed to much more of the city, learn the culture, and adapt many useful skills.