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This school is not all that it is set out to be. The teachers are judgemental, boring, and have no connection with their students. There is no communication between students and teachers but instead between parents and teachers. It almost feels like teachers are going behind your back and trash-talking you to your parents rather than meeting with you and telling you what you did wrong and could do better. The students in this school are very preppy and full of themselves and are overall, not kind people. Students are not welcoming at all to new students and are instead rude and mean to them. There is absolutely no school spirit at this school. If your child has a learning disability, I am urging you NOT to come to this school as they are no help, and the teachers are not equipped to help them.
I've been at St Luke's since fifth grade, and I'm currently a junior. I've loved this school since my first day on the Hilltop. Everyone is welcoming, kind, and hardworking. We have an extremely nurturing culture, as we understand that everyone has unique strengths and we encourage each other to develop them. My teachers are incredibly smart and funny. They genuinely care about us, both as students and people, and always make themselves available for extra help or just a chat. SLS teachers also go the extra mile to make the classroom a fun place to learn while simultaneously challenging us to reach outside our comfort zones. The extracurriculars and sports are also exemplary, as we are encouraged to become leaders and find our passions. Overall, I'm so glad I came to St. Luke's. I've grown so much as a student, leader, and friend, and I know that when I graduate next year, I'll be well-prepared for my next step in life.
St. Luke's has the most exceptional teaching faculty who not just inspire students to do their best but are always willing to support students with work. Their level of engagement and tireless efforts are truly above and beyond. With the Head of School Mark Davis, St Luke's is no doubt going to achieve greater heights in the years to come.
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We have been thrilled with our St Luke's experience. We find the teachers to be very attentive , approachable, and dedicated. We have significant years at another private school in the area for our older children, and find the teaching staff at St Luke's to be unrivaled. Our son is having a great experience academically and socially.
Overall, we have had a very good experience with SLS. While clearly expensive, the school has outstanding facilities and teachers. There are so many high quality courses and other educational and extracurricular opportunities available to students that any inability to be sufficiently challenged is on the student not the school. We have found almost all teachers highly trained, fully engaged and readily accessible. SLS is not overly academic or overly athletic or overly artsy - it does a nice job balancing the overall educational experience with ample resources and activities for all. The school’s administration is quite competent and responsive although we have noticed a recent bias towards political correctness that is not reflective of the New Canaan community. Finally, let me note that some reviews highly critical of SLS are either from someone with no knowledge whatsoever of the school or are merely a parent venting because their child was not offered admission.
Saint Lukes provides an excellent academic experience for student with a faculty that truly cares and is invested in the well being of the students.
Saint Lukes provides an excellent academic experience for student with a faculty that truly cares and is invested in the well being of the students.
We are an "all-in" St Lukes family ... have been very pleased with the community, the level of academic standard and the values taught in the school. Wonderful teacher - student relationships and excellent leadership!
My son started St Luke’s in 8 th grade. We couldn’t be happier about the star student he has become. There are so many opportunities to shine , to gain confidence and to grow.
Thanks to the faculty that care about the success of each student.
St. Luke’s is perfect for both of our very different kids. We have been at other private schools, but are very impressed at the relationships formed with the teachers and the head of school is incredibly impressive. Students are given confidence to pursue their passions and supported In a caring environment. The school has academic rigor but enough support for the students to achieve their goals. The college placement is exceptional.
We've found the school to be quite average, having had extensive experience with both private and public schools across all of our kids. It's a school where the shine from the tour masks what's otherwise a very ho-hum environment. We've had a few students attend St. Luke's for parts of their academic careers, and have generally found the teachers to be uninspired, and not particularly connected to the students. Having had kids make transitions in and out of St. Luke's, we can say that St. Luke's doesn't bring anything remarkable. There are certainly better educational options for spending $42,000 per child per year. We certainly wouldn't recommend St. Luke's unless your kids can't get into other schools, and/or have trouble adjusting in your local public school. This won't be the place that will push them to higher heights.
St luke's school is an overall amazing school! They celebrate their differences and support their community,students are so nice and respectful along with the teachers staff and faculty. Grades at this school are also pretty good. The coaches at sls are so good at teaching sports. When looking for your dream school chose ST luke's!
For a small independent school, there is very little individual attention given. Teachers are not available for students easily. Faculty is very inflexible.
I entered St. Luke's as a freshmen and have enjoyed my time there immensely. The teachers are very approachable and genuinely care about the students and the subjects that they are teaching. Our headmaster Mark Davis is incredible and as the foundation of the school has built us up to be an inclusive, caring, and fun community. The education is top notch and I believe that I am growing and trying to live up to my highest potential.
There's not much that I would change about the school, maybe better lunch food and internet connection.
Overall experience at St Lukes is great. Would like to see better competition in the sporting programs and more diversity. Also, I feel the food could be much better for the cost of the school.
My daughter has had an incredible experience at St. Luke’s School - both socially and academically! She has been challenged by fabulous teachers and made incredible friendships with a wonderful and diverse group of students! The school has helped teach her more than just academics but has taught her empathy and the importance of giving back to your community. The administration has been incredible in guiding her to independently navigate through any issues she has come upon and she has grown so much in her confidence and leadership ability. St. Luke’s was the best decision we have made for our daughter.
My experience at St. Luke's has been great. The school has constantly supported me and my curiosity.
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This is a place that is very impressed with itself. The teachers are actually quite average, and the administration is regimented. The community itself is fairly closed to diversity and minorities.
She entered in 5th grade and graduated last spring. We were incredibly pleased with her development over those years. The school can thank an incredibly positive and bright Headmaster in Mark Davis, dedicated teachers, coaches and advisors for its success in developing well
In our time there, we helped build a new leadership, science and humanities wing that has brought the school on par with. My daughter has a group of friends from the school that are just wonderful and equally committed to achievement. She was not great friends with all of her 80 classmates, but she still cherishes and respects every one of them.
She played two sports in HS, and they were achievement oriented while still focusing on teamwork, dedication and commitment. Her class had a # of D1/3 commits.

College placement office is first rate, and the results speak for themselves. The top of the class had 25% go to Ivy, MIT or Stanford.
I love St. Luke's. The teachers are all welcoming and supportive. You are always able to have a conversation with them, about school or other topics. The academics are profound! The variety of classes you can take is incredible. Sports are not the strongest at St. Luke's because the students here focus on this academics. A number of college counselors help you through the process, which eases up the tensions a little. Overall, the school is an A+, for its academic standards and overall comforting and supportive atmopshere.