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St. Louise School is a highly rated, private, Catholic school located in Bellevue, WA. It has 400 students in grades PK, K-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1. Tuition is $8,580 for the highest grade offered.

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How are grades calculated?
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St. Louise School Reviews

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St. Louise School has been a wonderful experience for our family! We moved to Bellevue when our children were entering 5th, 3rd and 1st grade. The students made our children feel welcome from day one. The dedicated teachers truly cared about each of our children and worked hard to help them excel academically and socially. Our kids loved the CYO sports program where they played on teams with their classmates (cross country, basketball, soccer) and we appreciated that sportsmanship was emphasized. While we knew the curriculum was engaging and challenging. When our oldest started high school we realized how well prepared he was. He was placed in advanced classes and excelled among his high school peers. As parents we have found the St Louise community to be amazing! We have maintained friendships with many of the parents and we are thankful to St. Louise for making our transition to Bellevue very easy. Choosing St. Louise School for our family was one of our best parenting decisions.
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Hey! I went to this school from K-8! As someone who had an extremely mixed experience here, I will say that the academics were very good in helping me prepare for the future. As in, the standards were held up so high that I had no choice but to essentially destroy my sleep schedule from 6-8th grade just to keep up. I think it's very cool how this school taught me how to cheat during tests and learn how to lie and make excuses. I'm gonna cut straight to the meat here, as an Asian-American, the diversity in this school is terrible! If you're white and racist, don't worry about a thing. This school is the place for you. As for the rest of us, it's very difficult integrating into the community, and honestly? It's not even worth it. To be fair, it COULD have been worse. I mean, the school is clean and, like, I DID learn. The curriculum is hell on Earth though. Just to be clear: in comparison, public high school is a walk in the park.
Our daughter started at St. Louise in grade 8. Our daughter felt very welcomed by all of the students and all of her teachers. The principal and the administration of the school as well as the teachers are all outstanding. My wife and I both feel very blessed that our daughter was able to attend St. Louise school and we only wish that she would have been able to start at St. Louise in kindergarten instead of grade 8.

St. Louise school in Bellevue has the best school community that you can ever hope to find for you child. If you are looking for a kind, loving and caring school community for your child there is no better school than St. Louise. The principal of the school is the finest example of a practicing Catholic that I have ever had the pleasure to know in my entire life. I can't recommend St. Louise school enough to anyone that is looking for a school that will provide an environment for your child to become that best person that they can be.