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St. Louis Catholic High School Reviews

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I feel like my school is pretty great- definitely better than most. We're a very close knit community. The teachers are personal and helpful and there are so many ways to get involved. However, I feel like as far a religion is concerned, it's not the most implemented, but still definitely integrated into the curriculum and environment.
St. Louis was an excellent college prep school. However, diversity is severely lacking at the school. And, often students need to be proactive about their futures concerning college admissions. However, I did make it to an Ivy League from the school so they did something right.
I have had a great experience at Saint Louis so far but I would like to see better counseling, organization, and better teaching of regular classes
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All faculty members were so friendly and helpful. Everyone is very accepting of anyone with any type of differences.
Saint Louis is where my foundation of who I am began! I wouldn’t trade those 4 years for anything! I think think fall when I start college I will be ready and we’ll prepared thanks to them!
Overall, my experience at St. Louis Catholic High School has been tremendous. The faculty and staff truly push you to achieve your academic and athletic goals. St. Louis offers regular, honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes for students. There are also tons of fun enrichment classes offered as well. After attending St. Louis for 4 years, I feel extremely prepared for college. In addition to academics, St. Louis's environment nurtures students, while also preparing students for the workplace/college. You can always count on a school day at SLC to be not only academically enriching, but also a day filled with fun times with your classmates. I truly enjoyed my time at St. Louis Catholic High School and I recommend going to anyone considering it as an option for high school.
St. Louis Catholic High School, in my bias opinion, is the best high school in Lake Charles, Louisiana. You here more and more about how students continue to dislike school more as the years go by. I can gladly say that attending St. Louis has been a tremendous experience and I wouldn't want to have spent the last 4 years anywhere else. The teachers and staff care about each and every student. They listen to us and try to make the school the best experience possible for everyone. My sister is an alumnus from SLC and is currently attending college. She says St. Louis prepared her for St. Louis in every way. Overall, for the last four years, St. Louis hasn't been a school but a community for me and my family and I encourage everyone to consider attending.
St. Louis is a good environment to learn in with no distractions. You get a laptop which makes everything easier, and you listen to the teacher. Although some rules are questioned by many students, there are many events and food trucks to make up for it.
Saint Louis Catholic High School makes sure to challenge it's students academically and include the students socially. It's a small school- only about 600 students- and by the end of your senior year, you'll most likely know everyone, which is great in some ways. It's a perfect school for a small town: inclusive, Catholic, and it's teachers are very personal with the students.
This school has impacted me in many more ways than one, but my overall experience at this school has been by far the best.
St. Louis Catholic High School is a very good school. The teachers are always ready to help and are easy to talk to. I am glad I chose to go to this school.
Saint Louis is a great community with loving and caring people. It is the perfect community for a high school student. The parents and teachers are so supportive of the students and extracurricular. I would highly recommend sending your children to the great school.
In my time at St. Louis I received an excellent education with a variety of course offerings, from required disciplines to electives. The majority of my teachers were excellent and took time to explain any coursework I had difficulty with outside of class. My experience with the soccer and cross country teams were extremely rewarding as well, as my coaches placed special emphasis not only on effort and discipline in sports but also giving back to the community, as we were encouraged to volunteer in Buddy Ball to show the game we love to people with disabilities.
I liked how technology was heavily incorporated. Everyone had their own computer and most of the work is done on computer. However, there were a few issues whenever they hired unqualified teachers.
The arts are unimportant here! As a student who loves to perform and entertain I was very disappointed in the lack of options for me. The Drama club is small and never even gets to put on shows because the stage was turned into a teachers lounge. This stage being taken away also took away our chance to have a performance space that we wouldn’t have to pay for. with a drama club of about 10 kids we can’t afford to rent a stage out for a show.
Saint Louis provided an exceptional environment, that made every student feel at home. Every teacher and administrator knew everyone's name. Our school community was very close knit and had amazing student sections and school spirit and the traditions were like no other. The only thing that I would change is trying to keep a consistent principal at the school.
At Saint Louis, I was able to receive a great education within a welcoming atmosphere. The curriculum is challenging but can be fun. If I could change one thing, it would be the cafeteria lunches and more opportunities for clubs. They don't get enough recognition, from what I see, and when in a club, there is not much to do.
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St. Louis is more of a smaller high school, but it is to its advantage. Being one of the only private, catholic high schools in the Lake Charles area, it stands out among the others. At St. Louis, the environment is very welcoming and friendly. The faculty are one of the most caring I've ever seen. The amount of self-less love they have for their students is amazing. One reason why St. Louis stands out is because we have the opportunity to openly express, practice, and learn our faith. I have had some of the best times of my life at St. Louis!
St. Louis is an amazing school! No matter what you're interested in, there is something for everyone. The academics are outstanding. It is small enough for teachers to know everyone's name and get individual attention. Teachers care about their students and go above and beyond what they are required to do. Everything done at St. Louis truly honors and praises God.
I enjoy going to St. Louis Catholic High School because the atmosphere at St. Louis allow students to be able to attain knowledge at their own pace.
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