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My 3 children have attended St. Joseph School since preschool. They are now in 8th, 10th and 11th grade. My children have been nurtured by all faculty and staff over the years in a family- type environment. They all do well academically and participate in sports, music and school leadership. They are being prepared for college and their futures.
I think that St. Joseph was a good high school. However, there are adjustments that could be made to make the school better such as better lunch and having more teachers that have your future in mind when they teach their classes.
I like the small class sizes and the individual teacher assistant. I also like the friendly environment and how each student gets their own attention and advice from expert teachers and faculty. We have teachers who are very well-taught in their fields and are able to help you with everything that you need. Our school is also a private Catholic school and a college prep school. We also have a foreign exchange program with a sister school in Japan and have many classmates who are from Japan.
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I came to St. Joseph School in sixth grade, the overall experience here has been amazing. One of my favorite aspects about this school is how close everyone is. Going to school with less than one hundred students you know all the students and also get to have that one on one connection with the teachers, in fact I even have relationships with the teachers outside of school, for example I played in a fantasy football league with one of my teachers and I constantly get involved in sport talks with him. Everyone here is like one big family.
The academics here are also good, there is a wide variety of A.P classes offered and there is also a bunch of electives. The teachers do a great job helping the student and the classes are also very small. Saint Joseph also helps students prepare for college and is also ranked in the top ten of private schools in the state of Hawaii.
The school has huge iron gates at its entrances and exits. Also, the police station is literally on the other side of the street.
This is a school that I would definitely attend if I had to do it all over again. The people are nice and so are the teachers. They're only looking out for our best interests.
The teachers at this school are there for the students' best interests. They give challenging work and truly want you to succeed in college and life. Sometimes, the grading is not consistent though (only one teacher).
A small student body means a very welcoming athletic department. The school's various teams do not "cut" any athletes for not having the talent required to contribute to the teams. As a result, the school is definitely not known for bringing home trophies or awards. However, the coaches are very supportive and dedicated to the athletes, especially since they are not paid All St. Joseph School coaches volunteer their time to the betterment of the teams they work with.
Admitted students must possess high academic standing, as well has good moral character. However, discipline/suspension/expulsion rules are extremely subjective depending on the social influence and monetary contributions of students' parents.
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