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We have 2 girls in SJRS and love it. We believe we are giving our children the best education available in our area and look at the school as an investment in their future.

The girls enjoy going to school and learning. They are excited to come home and tell us some interesting fact they learned that day. We love seeing their passion for knowledge embraced and nurtured by the teachers.

We have always been able to contact the teachers or staff if we had a question or an issue. Because it is a smaller school then public there is a sense of community throughout. The teachers and staff at the school know who the children are; this provides the children with a sense of security, safety, and comfort.

The class sizes may be a bit larger then public schools but every student in the class is there to learn. There are no continued behavioral interruptions during class time. We have never felt our girls we prohibited from learning because of the class size.

One of our favorite things about the school is that it reinforces the values and morals we teach at home. It helps to have a positive atmosphere to counteract all the negative images and stories they see in the media.
It's in a great area from the school down to the Ocean City Bridge, but right before it, by the wawa and the condos is an ehhhhh area... I remember at least 2 times where we had to be on lockdown (not like under the desk kind of thing... but not going in or out of the building)

The parking lot is terrible for playing on for recess... I still have scars all over my knees and elbows from running around. I would rather get out of school earlier than have recess there... Half of the time, I would just stay inside in a classroom for recess.

Little kids still dont get the concept of a fire drill or a code blue... I didnt know what a code yellow was until high school...

There used to be many nurses... They actually try to help, but they cant do very much except give you an ice pack... In high school... they will send you home for a bruise...
I mean some of the clubs and sports are cool... I just wish they announced more about sports or clubs on the news broadcasts.

Basketball: They were pretty good when I attended. Not very fair how they picked the team but I wouldn't be where I am if I did end up making the team.

Track: Never heard anything about them...

Softball: We had a few good girls... None of them play where I go to school now.

Baseball: A few of the guys I knew on the team play in school, but I never heard of them on SJRS News.

Drama Club: used to have pretty cool plays, but then another teacher took over and they were often spoofs...

Rosary Club: It was pretty cool. I know how to make a rosary now!

Knitting Club: Was cool to learn a new skill

Welcoming Committee/Lunch Club: Was a fun place to talk about events in the world and school while eating lunch

I can't really remember any of the other clubs...
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When I attended the school, the principal was a Sister of St. Joseph. I believe she recently left the school and someone else took over...

Principal walked in classrooms and made sure kids were doing the right thing. Essentially, everyone was petrified of her...

No Guidance Counselors. Everyone took the same classes every year. The education is better at a public school.

Bullying is said to be treated extremely seriously, but I know many people at the school that were bullied.

Dress code is written in stone. Taken almost as seriously as the bible. If you're not wearing ALL white sneakers don't even bother going to school. Don't roll your skirt. Make sure your shirt is tucked in. Black shoes instead of brown or blue. Make sure your uniform fits. Boys must have shoes with laces. Make sure you wear a belt. No nail polish. Make sure your hair is neat. Boys can't have their hair touching their collar. No jewelry except 1 ring and a necklace but it must be tucked in. 1 pair of earrings or you'll be forced to take it out. No colored tank-tops or shirts under uniform shirts. They waste so much time on dress code when they could be focusing on other, more important things.

Attendance was not handled correctly. 3 lates=detention. I would rather not go to school than get a late...

No one ever talked about sexual orientation and there wasn't much diversity.
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