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I recently just graduated from Saint Joseph Catholic High School this last May. I have been attending Saint Joseph since pre-school. I loved how small the school was because you became like a family with all the students and even the teachers. Being in such a small school allowed for small classes which gave me the opportunity to have one on one time with the teachers when I needed help with my school work. That also allowed me to become close with my teachers... which helped a lot because I am a shy person and by me being close with the teachers, I felt comfortable with asking the teachers any questions I needed to ask.
But now I am going to be attending the University of Utah in the Fall and because of Saint Josephs I feel like I am pretty prepared for college and all the school work they will be giving me.
As a student of St. Joseph Catholic High School, I can support the claims of excellent academic expectations and class options, knowledgeable teachers that care about each individual student as if they were their own child, and an overall "good" environment, whether that be from the Christian, and moreover Catholic, basis of the school and the standards each person is held to because of it or just a simple, ecompassing respect for one another academically, spiritually, socially, mentally and physically.
I am an AP and Honors student, SBO and proud member of the beautiful theatre department that I would recommend to all.
I was a transfer into St. Joes my sophomore year, and the people were the most friendly and welcoming people I've ever known and I fit into their tight-knit family.
You simply can't beat St. Joes. It's a speacial place for sure :)
Great school! Teachers provide an excellent education. Small classroom size. Sport teams open to any student.
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I've been very involved at Saint Joesph's over my four years there. It's an older facility and some of the equipment is a little worse for wear. That is more than made up for though by the amazing faculty.
Small environment and incredible teachers. I have been taking so many AP classes to help me with college. I have participated in one sport each season and it has helped me to be better and be a member of the team family.
Saint Joes is definitely a place that cares about every individual student, and wants to make sure that everyone leaves as a better person (academically, socially, and spiritually). I feel prepared to enter college and take on anything.
Some of the safety policies at my school include drills for fires, earthquakes and lock downs. Also on almost every door entering the school has a magnet lock that can only be opened with a special key that each faculty and staff member has.

As for health, they have a sick room and the front desk faculty always tries to make sure you are comfortable when you feel sick.

We also have talks about bullying a lot, not because it is needed but because the teachers like to keep it fresh in our minds the effects of bullying it will have on the victim and the bully. We also have assemblies about internet safety which is needed.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are amazing. SJCHS has a no cutting policy, both in sports and in the drama department. If you try out for the team, you automatically get a spot whether it be on JV or Varsity. If you audition for a play, you get a part. You could be the lead or just ensemble.

The most popular extracurricular opportunities are sports and drama. Both the students and staff members are involved. Some teachers coach while other teachers participate in plays.
My overall experience at SJCHS has been so great. I love everyone who goes there and I enjoy the faculty and staff members. I have learned so much by going to this school and not just academically but also I have learned the importance of community.

I believe that I will have so many great memories once I graduate in 2019. My freshmen year was full amazing experiences and to imagine that I have three more years to gain even more is just amazing. One of my favorite memories from freshman year is going on away games for volleyball, and sitting on the bus and talking with all of my team mates and having a blast while preparing to go win and represent our school.

I love my school and the community that I have been brought into and I would not want to go anywhere else.
The teachers at my school are very friendly and know each student by name. They will say hi to you in the halls and just make you feel very comfortable in the environment. In the classroom, each teacher is full of knowledge. Not only on their subject but on many other ones that they do not teach.

During the fifty six minuet class they get a lot done. By teaching new lessons, reviewing homework and answering any questions students have. I believe that I do have some of the best teachers at Saint Joseph Catholic High School and I am proud of my school and happy to be going there.
For such a small school there is actually a wide variety of activities ranging from sports to theatre to cartwheel club.
While it certainly is small I feel like I know everyone and am able to find friends outside of the cliques you would most likely find at a larger school.
The teachers at my school make it feel more like a community and a home away from home than just a school. They are all very available to help students or even just discuss ideas with us after class.
The bus rides are awfully long going from games or performances. Time to do extra and school is pretty harsh. Not much time to sleep. They are fun and all, but time is not looked out for
I wish the students would be more open minded. A lot of them despite having gone to school there for a long time do not respect Catholic traditions. Other than that I love the teachers and the vibe the school gives
The Teacher are really nice and I've been able to become friends with them. With that being said, most teachers teach a year or two and leave. The teachers are coming in and out and it's hard to really get some confidence in a classroom. Some teacher have been there since the dawn of time and others just came in a year ago. It varies, but I kind of love it
There have been times where some student's have done things outside of school but the school found out about it and gave them a in school punishment for it. A lot of the student's get detentions usually for being late to school or out of order uniform infraction. There will be a few times every so often where a student gets detention for insubordination but nothing huge.
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The whole school is very supportive of the teams we have. We have travelled down to Richfield in Southern Utah to watch our basketball teams play in the 1A State Tournaments. We travelled down to Orem to watch our Ladies Volleyball Team play in their tournament. When it comes to activities and school spirit, we are very supportive of one another and that's what makes our school unique from the rest.
The teachers really do care about the students. They get them engaged and involved with class discussions. They treat us like adults getting ready for college. There are very few of us in school so it's easier to get that one-on-one time with them. They're easy to talk to about homework and work with you when you are absent or need to make up work.
The school is known for their sports and organizations. We may be a small school but it does have a lot of opportunities for students to play a sport. Not a lot of clubs in the school. A huge one that a lot of people are involved in are is Pep Club but it isn't supported really by the school. Not a lot of involvement from the administration to get the club going.
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