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The teachers are great. They take an interest in our success and prepare us for a successful college career.
A basic school that does a fairly good job, however there is much discord between the staff and students. It sometimes interiors with studies and personal issues.
St. Joseph Academy provides a great education, however, the opportunities are limited and the faculty and staff do not try to do anything about it. Our classes are mostly limited to what is offered despite there being better choices online.
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I kind of enjoyed attending this school. The pros are that the class sizes are pretty small and the teachers are always willing to help. I admire how the students are able to use chrome books throughout the day to do homework. The school offers Dual Enrollment on campus which is good. The cons are that I find the academics not challenging enough for students that want to excel. They also push the Catholic agenda too much on students. I wish that there was more community involvement in the school, most of the clubs only meet once a month and don't do much. The school itself is old and facilities need to be updated. They strive to keep the 100% college acceptance and throw the kids into community college if they don't apply. The colleges that the students apply to aren't that impressive. I believe going to a public school wouldn't have made a difference; I wouldn't waste my money going here, but it is the only option for a private education in the county.
I really enjoyed my time at SJA. I would have liked to see as much focus on the arts dept. as they put on the sports teams, and I also think they need more outreach for students struggling with mental illness, but the academics were sound and I feel prepared for college.
St. Joseph Academy is a complete waste of money and I would never recommend it for any one to send their son/daughter. St. Johns County is the top school district in the State and I'm consistently surprised that parents pay money to send their kids to receive a subpar education, drug environment, poor facilities, and an incompetent administration.

It's no surprise that SJA has been struggling to maintain enrollment numbers while the rest of the county is booming. Locals and alums see no reason to pay a premium to send their kids here. To combat this, the school has sharply increased the number of foreign exchange students. This gives them access to full tuition paying students who have no previous knowledge of the schools’ subpar education/experience and are locked in to pay before arriving on campus.

There are some good teachers, coaches, and administrators, but unfortunately the school has been trending down for years and continues to do so.
God bless those that attempt to shape and lead the Academy, but it has undeniably gone downhill since the last couple of years. The academics may look good on paper (good grades for most kids), but they are granted such grades because of poor teaching, and then easy tests. Teachers are uninspired and burned-out (save a few). Administration has their eyes shut when it comes to the drug presence on campus, and seems to flex their muscles in odd ways. Overall, the school has the potential to be great. But, with the current staff and principal, it is hard to foresee the Academy becoming anything like an Academy anytime soon. Give the school 5 years, and send your children to Nease or Bishop Kenny instead.
I've had a great time at SJA, I've developed a close friend group and have enjoyed my high school experience.
Overall, the teachers are great.
Very sanitary and the policies are both wonderful and beneficial to both faculty and students.
Only a few minor complaints but overall, this school is great so far.
I love the friends I made and the times I had, but some teachers and administrators really made my high school experience something I don't always want to look back on.
I've had a great time here. I've met new people who I will stay close to throughout life and learned things that will help me in the future.
They are all very smart people and help students understand information and course work.
It is an older school but new renovations have been made to accommodate to modern styles.
The school is a very safe place. I feel secure attending here.
The administration is strict but they do it for the better of the school.
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There are many extracurricular opportunities including service clubs, community clubs, sports, academic clubs, and drama clubs.
Great school. Could be better
Clubs and extra curricular activities are abundant.
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