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I was admitted by University of Connecticut this year. I feels lucky to have transferred to SJP. The teachers care very much about students and all the students are treated equally with respect. There in SJP, my talent was thoroughly developed.
This school in the end became part of my best memory in my life. Our PA teacher helped me to explore my talent on photography and now it becomes a big part of my life. 4 years in this school made me change in many different ways, and I will never forget what I've experienced and learned over here.
I am so appreciated of this school and so glad that I sent my child to St John's Prep. All teachers there are very nice, they are always very patience, whenever I have any questions about my child's performance at school, they are always there to answer me.
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My daughter had a wonderful 4-year experience at St. John's Preparatory School. She is so excited to start her journey in NYU this year, thanks to SJP. She benefits from all the challenge courses and the various clubs and opportunities the school offers. I can see her growth both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend SJP to students and parents.
I enjoyed my stay at St.Johns Prep as an international student visiting. All the students were nice and the classes were interesting. I learned a lot in my stay in America, and saw the differences between our culture.
My experience at the school for four years was pretty good being that i am still there it wasn’t terrible. I love the teachers there very nice .
This is excellent school with wonderful teachers who challenge their students to be the best. The faculty is always willing to help students to achieve they goals.
SJP was an amazing experience during my 4 years there from the amazing teaching staff to my fellow classmates and I would love to be able to re experience it again .
St. John 's Prep is a diverse school. The student environment is great. The teachers are supportive and genuinely care about their students.
The school is overcrowded. I’m not sure why they have uniforms when the girls look like they are going to a club. Getting A’s is easy no work required. It’s a public school that charges tuition.
I loved my four years at SJP; it was the best decision I could have made when choosing a high school. I was very involved in several organizations and clubs from honor society to sports to cultural clubs, which I would recommend to any student or prospective student - not only do you meet new people and garner new interests, but colleges love that stuff on your resume. I found the staff to be very personable and helpful, some of whom I will never forget for their kindness, generosity, and openness. Thank you for a great four years!!
The 4 years that I spent here was all worth it for both myself and my parents. The overall staff and teachers are awesome. You can clearly see the teachers are very passionate about their work, helping students to get where they need to be. They take their time to get to know each kid. You become family over time. The school has always been professional and accommodating to the students and their families. I love this school! :)
Terrific school. I loved my teachers, they know their subject and really want students to catch their passion. Very well prepared for NYU. I got accepted to all my schools with scholarships and just about everyone got a scholarship to college.
I couldn’t have had a better experience at any other high school. SJP truly became a second home (as upperclassmen had said it did for them but it seemed too good to be true). I made friends there that ultimately became family. Although I graduated in 2016, I still come back sometimes to catch up with my favorite professors. They taught me valuable lessons that went beyond the course curriculum and have stuck with me to this day. After two years in college, I can honestly say that I was definitely well prepared for college and have had moments when I was able to apply knowledge I gained in high school to my coursework and in classes. The school also afforded me the advantage of traveling to four countries during my time there. Those trips have undoubtedly asjusted my perspective on life and the world. SJP is a gem. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly express how grateful I am to SJP for the role it’s played in my development as a young adult.
As a student at Dartmouth College, I feel that St. John's Preparatory School successfully prepared me for the academic rigour of an Ivy League college. The academic programme that St. John's offers its students is innovative and simply unparalleled. With a dedicated faculty and a wealth of academic resources, you are encouraged to set the limit higher and always run the extra mile. Dr. Moody's AP English class showed me a new side to the art of literary composition; it isn’t simply a task at hand. A pen and a couple sheets of paper are a window to the outside world. St. John’s allows you to discover your passion and change the world, from the hallways of the Prep to the lecture halls at Dartmouth.
Wonderful school in the lovely town of Astoria Queens. The staff and teachers are encouraging, loving and highly educated!It’s not only a place that will prepare a student academically, it also provides a nurturing environment for a young teen.

I’m talking about extra instruction immediately after class (which cut into Ms. Johnson’s lunch hour.) About conversations about life and college with a certain teacher who set an example for me on how a man and father should act (I’m talking about you Mr. Booth.)

Saint John’s Prep offers an extraordinary amount of AP courses and Colleges courses. Parents and students should read extensively about these programs and communicate with the AP teachers personally.

How about Father Gilley. The only absolute best guidance counselor in the United States of America. This man helped me achieve my dream school, and has stayed connected with me all throughout my four years of study at New York University.

Joseph Rodriguez ‘14
SJP has become like a second home where you create good memories and good friends that last a lifetime. The faculty and staff are very understanding and make an effort above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and help you with your needs. The school offers a wide array of extra curricular activities both in and out of school. These opportunities help you explore you interests and grow as an individual.
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I absolutely loved my entire four years at St. John's. It prepared me for college, helped me grow as a leader and an individual, and allowed me to form some of the strongest friendships I've ever had. All my fellow students were kind and supportive, as were teachers and administration, and from what I can tell, everything just keeps improving every single year!
I absolutely adored my time at St. John’s Prep! I was so prepared for college and made memories there that will last me a lifetime. I found friends and mentors in my teachers who I am still very close with.
My entire time at St. John's was much better than I had ever anticipated. I was never a perfect student, but that didn't matter. Everyone on the faculty helped me to grow as an individual, and in turn I have grown into someone I never knew I could be. I was guided by this family further than just high school, as I still have close friends and teachers who still help me beyond graduation. SJP gave me a family. They taught me academically and spiritually. SJP became more than a school for me, it became a home.