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St. Johns High School Reviews

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St.John’s High School is an amazing diverse school. The students and teachers here enjoy activities such as sports, pep rallies, talent shows, etc. Overall this school is amazing.
St. Johns is a small school with great teachers. We have motivating stuff that will help you with anything you need. The only thing that could be better is the curriculum, but I understand that it's not possible due to the number of students in our school. My experience has been great so far.
Something that I love about St. Johns is the people. Everyone at St. Johns is friendly and welcoming, and the teachers and staff are easy to talk to. When I am at St. Johns, I am able to feel confident and comfortable. There is almost no bullying, and the students are kind and helpful. I definitely wouldn't go anywhere else
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All throughout my four years at this school, each year had a different experience. We had new facilities and new programs that were constantly critiqued to fit the curriculum for the students. I had fun times at the school and I was apart of the student government so I made sure that the school spirit was good.
What I liked most about my alma mater was that it was a small school then most in the area, and also teachers were willing to stay after to help their students be successful.
This school is good for people who want their child to be in a small environment with teachers who actually care. With only around 300 students St. John’s is a place where students can connect with one another and make great friends.
St. John’s has an incredible amount of teachers that want to both educate their students and prove that learning can be fun. The only downside to this school is the lack of funding, despite Principal Larson’s constant attempts at trying to do fun activities for the students he just doesn’t have the financial backing for it.
St. Johns IS a great school. the teachers really care about what they re teaching you, and will stay after to help you. they give you everything you need to succeed.
Education is not a priority here. There’s only a handful of students wanting to learn. Teachers don’t bother to settle the class down, causing students to suffer. Kids frequently make negative comments regarding other races.
There is little to no diversity in the school. The teachers constantly extend due dates due to low student involvement and dumb down lesson plans to cater to the majority of the class, rather than bringing everyone up to the same level. I know when I go to college I will be at a serious disadvantage and behind my peers.
saint johns staff has a very great bond with the students. There are also numerous opportunity at this high school as well.
I love the school in general but it is not diversity enough. I feel it need to bring more hand on classes to the school. We have students here that are not going to college but don't have the knowledge to go far because it not offer here. This school need to bring back or hand on classes.
My experience was what I expected how high school would be. Through each grade level it was always a goal to accomplish every time. I've had bad days and some good days but through it all I love that it is a small school and that everyone has a chance to get opportunities to be greater in life.
The staff were very helpful and caring. I was a little behind on my education and they made sure that I walked across the stage to receive my diploma.
Great place to learn. You are in the best of care and will get that one on one with the teachers. School is very small and everyone will know everyone. When I was there, you could make that connection with the faculty and staff and be safe at the schools.
St. Johns High School is a well organized and diverse school with well educated teachers. This school has a variety of cultures and we embrace it more and more each day. The teachers make sure that you get your education and are college ready. They're many students that are doing well in the academic field that are enrolled in sports.
At this school I wish the administration would be better!
I a small family oriented community.
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Most of the teachers are so youmg and fresh out of college. Need to have some season teachers on staff.
The academics at our school is great. The teachers make sure that we learn at a good pace and on the correct standard at the right time. The workload is possible it not too much and not too little it normally takes me an hour and thirty minutes to complete homework assignments.Classwork assignments are average that keeps us attentive and working hard.
The safety policy at our school is very well . I always feel safe at all times in the school, the school nurse is very helpful she gives us the correct medication that we need and always makes sure we leave out the nurse office better than we came in.
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