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St. John High School Reviews

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Enjoyed going to a small school. Close nit family atmosphere. Able to participate in as many activities and clubs and sports as you want.
I was an international student at St. John HS and I overall enjoyed my experience. However, I did go through a lot of discrimination for being foreign.
love the small school environment
teachers really care about students
variety of activities
safety could improve, need better entrances
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I thoroughly enjoyed my time at St. John High. My teachers were wonderful people that loved to help and set great examples. The coursework is diverse to meet the interests of all students. Both men's and women's basketball programs are outstanding, as well as volleyball and cross country.
I have mostly enjoyed my time here at St. John High School. We have some really good teachers and I have mostly enjoyed my classes. We have recently added a robotics program and I got to participate in it the last three years. I also have enjoyed being on the cross country team the last three years. We are all really close like a family and I like that. I really enjoyed my Science classes and Mr. Delp is an awesome teacher. His classes have helped me realize what I wanted to do when I got out of school. I have decided that I want to major in Biology with an emphasis on Wildlife and Fisheries. His Environmental Resources and Wildlife class showed me this.
I loved many of the teachers because they were able to get involved and ensure my preparedness for college. I did not enjoy the school atmosphere parents were too involved in things they should not have been. Overall I had a good experience during sports except for the few coaches that had no business being involved in a high schools lives and development due to negativity and my personal experiences with them.
I liked how we could take college online classes throughout the school year. However, there was bullying within the student body. It was very hurtful, so I did not really enjoy my time here.
Since it is a small town there is not very much diversity in anything. Most of the students are White or Hispanic. Most have the same political and religious views as their parents. Small group of people not a lot of different in sexual orientation.
I felt as high school English was a waste of time because i did not know how to write an essay. I also i could not pass entrance exams to get in to college algebra so felt ill prepared.
They can be very cliche and only the popular kids are in some clubs making it feel uncomfortable for other student to be in those clubs and sports.
My highschool did NOT prepare me for the real world. The teachers were not educated to the highest level.
We always had tornado, and fire drills. They helped us stay calm and collected. The school nurse is great, she understands everything and is very helpful.
The resources are good, but the space needs to be updated. Our school is growing, and it is almost like a fish going up stream in the hallways. They are way too small.
Teachers do not enforce rules concerning cellphones. Almost every student has their phone out at least one time during the day.
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