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St. James is a school that is focused on education. We have some of the best test scores in the district. We offer lots of AP and honors classes so we are always challenged. We also have great school and community spirit.
I love St. James. This school has an amazing building and amazing faculty and staff. Lesson plans are thorough and every student is expected to do their best.
I enjoyed my time at St. James High School. The courses were challenging but also somewhat fun. The students were very fun and the staff was very pleasant to be around. I was a part of the Academic Team and maintained a strong GPA throughout my freshman through senior years. For anyone in the Socastee area getting ready for high school, I suggest St. James.
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Two of my friends had horrible things happen to them and the ministration talked one out of reporting awful crimes because they didn't want to ruin the culprit's lives. Disgusting. The guidance counselor at this school also literally told my friend not to go to college because she needed to stay home and help her parents right in front of her parents even though she purposely graduated early to go to college. Her parents were trying to get her to stay home too because they just wanted her money from work and after the councelor's words, her parents would not help her at all. She literally is 25 and not yet in school because the guidance counselor went off on her own personal regret of not helping her parents and how she wished she didn't go to school... Really?! She needed someone to support her and convince her parents that college is great idea- not ruin her life! Enough said.
At St. James, all teachers and faculty care about every student's success and don't leave anyone left behind. They steer kids in the right direction in a critical decision making time for everyone. There's many ways for kids with different interests to get involved and there's opportunity for challenging courses.
Teachers are supportive, principal cares about the well being of the school and its students, curriculum fits the students learning experience. 10/10 experience.
St. James has great funding and facilities, but awful teaching and course offerings. You can pass a class and learn nothing. There are people who graduate who can't read.
My school experience was ok as long as I was involved in sports. The teachers treated you different if you were not an athlete. The athletes were given lighter work loads during the season or longer times to turn in assignments. The coaches were able to verbal abuse the team without reprimand.
My experience at St. James was good. After attending all four years it really became home. Once a Shark always a Shark.
I liked the opportunities for advanced classes, the teachers and principal. The opportunity to be involved with marching band.
Last three years st james has been the best school. The trachers and staff members from the school will do anything for their students for them to pass the year or get through any problem. At st james high were a big family
I have had a wonderful (almost) 4 years at this school. As per usual you've got the drama that goes on from time to time. Singling out the school itself, the drama is handled professionally, the teachers are caring towards their students, and the staff make it a fun environment in general.
I think that being able to be grow from a freshman to a senior at St. James has given me some of the best opportunities for the future, in and out of the classroom, and I will cherish my memories made here forever.. One of my favorite things about St. James is our Health Science Program. I have always been involved in the health sciences and sports medicine classes; I've even gotten internships through this program. I love this program so much because the teachers have provided me with so much knowledge and encouragement that I have decided to pursue a career in Orthopaedic Surgery. If I could change something about St. James, it would probably be our math department. Our math teachers, while highly educated on the subjects they teach, have a hard time teaching their subjects to students who don't already understand it like they do . This has given many students a disadvantage and done a disservice to those especially in advanced math classes, like myself.
I loved St. James for their teachers and coaches. I don't know where I would be if it was not for St. James High school.
I have no complaints about my school. Ever since I have been here since Freshman year I have had no problems at all. The academics here are great in fact when I entered high school I was amazed that I could take AP courses. I thought it was great I can take college classes while in high school. Don't even get me started on the teachers because they are amazing. They will always answer your questions and if the whole class is confused he or she will drop whatever they are doing to make the whole class understands until they continue to move on. I always feel safe every time I step into the building as well as when I in it and when I leave. I feel safe 100% of the time I'm on campus.
Being a student at Saint James was exciting. I learned many things while being here especially outside of class. The principal is very sweet and kind to the staff and students. The teachers are excellent at what they do. They do everything they can to help me understand the lesson or anything else I need help on. The guidance department is wonderful. They’re always willing to help out students who have any concerns about their classes or what they want to do after highschool. I will honestly miss being here. Once a shark, always a shark.
Though my overall experience at the school has been fairly good, there are some moments in which it feels as though the students are not in the teachers' best interest. Although some of the rules and regulations are placed for logical reasons, others that have been placed in the past do not show benefits for either the students or the staff members.
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The school environment in St. James High School is truly one of the best aspects of the school. No matter what clique you belong to, everybody is friendly and inspires other students with a forward-attitude. The teachers and staff are very similar in their optimism and work-ethic, and provide high-quality education for everybody, and even personally help those who may be struggling in the courses.
I dislike the fact that the school is so concentrated on sports that they neglect to praise the art department. Well they barely notice it. There is hardly any art classes and the art supplies are awful. Plus the students the have no respect for themselves or others, heck they just sit there on there expensive phones all day. The teachers act like teenagers, well most of them do. The policies there are as ridiculous as the classes offered. The food is gross. They barely offer any clubs. I hate going there every morning.
The teachers at St James are great. They really care about the students and are always willing to stay late to offer students extra help.
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