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One of the best schools in the state. The teachers at Saint James Academy truly care about you as a student and person. The faith aspect of this school is incredible. You dive into your faith every day as well as diving into academics. All teachers here completely understand the material they are teaching.
You could tell that pretty much all of my teachers cared about my success. I took mostly honors and AP classes, so I was surrounded with students really cared about their education and teachers who acknowledged that drive.
The community system is a unique and fun way that introduces you to people you might've never had the chance to meet otherwise. I made so many friends in 'house' and was able to mentor kids about their experiences.
I loved Saint James. The classes provided were outstanding and quite diverse, and a majority of the teachers were very personable and understanding with students. They were always intelligent at what they taught. The community is great, really feeling like a second home. There were always ways to get involved, and the student body was outstanding in terms of acceptance and kindness.
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I loved St. James. They have a strong sense of community and the teachers focus on building relationships with students while also pushing them to be the very best.
The students, sports teachers are the only real redeeming qualities of this school. The administration quickly became the most disliked group of people iv ever met. It became clear to me quite quickly that they show one face to the world and another to those actually involved. They send donation requests constantly, even to alumni who graduated less than a year ago. Overall I would say save your $40,000 in tuition fees and find another school
I love the community system at St. James Academy and how everyone knows that they belong there!! There truly is no better place to go to school especially if you would like to grow closer and your relationship with God. The teachers do an exceptional job of making everyone feel like they are heard, that they are valued, and that they belong where they are.
My experience at St. James was incredible. The sense of community is present from the moment you walk into the building. The teachers show that they care for their students in a genuine way. Teachers will share personal and meaningful stories about themselves, which really helps to establish good friendships with your teachers. They will truly go the extra mile to make sure that you succeed. The upperclassmen are taught to help the underclassmen feel at home which makes freshman year so much better than you could ever expect. It is truly a fun and caring environment which has made my high school experience truly incredible.
I could not imagine going to any other school than St. James. My teachers, administrators, and classmates have challenged me and supported me over the past four years. The community system has brought me some of my best friends that I would have never known otherwise. It has given me such an amazing foundation that I feel prepared for college educationally and spiritually. Our faith is weaved into every aspect of our day. And without forcing religion on us, we are given all the tools we need to make it our faith our own. Some of my favorite memories have been on the class retreats we take every year to Prairie Star Ranch. There are so many great traditions here to build community and relationships between grade levels and with students and teachers.
Having the opportunity to attend St. James Academy the past 4 years has been such a blessing and I wushg
I love SJA! This school and community makes me a better person!The teachers are awesome and will help you anyway you need! The sports are very good and the athletes are even better!
I am currently a senior at St.James and I have really enjoyed the past 3 1/2 years at SJA. Saint James really has a welcoming community from the day you walk in to the day you graduate. Saint James focuses on making the whole person grow, the teachers here also really care and want you to succeed to your full potential. Overall I have loved my experience as a Saint James students and really would not change a thing about it.
Overall, I loved my experience at St. James Academy and I would not change a thing. The teachers were outstanding and you could tell they actually cared about the students. Not only was I prepared for college academically, but I was also prepared spiritually. My faith has been strengthened in ways I never could have imagined through all of the daily prayer, retreats, and adoration that St. James offered. I also met my life-long friends there and could not have asked for a better experience!
As a student at St. James, I have seen first-hand the kind of community that has been created there. The teachers are not only so helpful and supportive of the students, but they are helpful and supportive of each other. It is a comfortable, safe environment with people who are genuinely hoping for the best for each other. It is a good place to meet good people and an even better place to grow in faith and virtue.
If I had to explain to someone why I love St. James it would be very easy for me. I think St. James is an amazing school and I would highly recommend it to anyone. There is a great sense of community where you feel welcomed by everyone. The teachers and coaches are all very supportive and encouraging. The school schedule is also amazing. It allows you to have an hour and a half on certain days to get a good start on your homework. The only thing I would change is the amount of homework a student receives a week in classes. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of things on my plate. I find it hard to get sleep because of the sports I am involved in at school and all the homework I am required to finish in my classes. Some weeks it is so overwhelming and stressful I am only thinking about how I just need to get through this week and then everything will be fine.
I really enjoy the students and staff that I have met at Saint James. They have truly influenced the way I think about faith, and I am excited to take what I have learned and apply it to my life.
St. James is a wonderful high school with outstanding community and great faculty that makes you want to come to school every day. It gets you prepared for college and life after high school!
Loved the teachers and activities that SJA incorporated into our day. I enjoy the community service that’s required because of how rewarding it is. Serve day was another favorite being able to help others while being surrounded by your peers. It really helps hold everyone accountable.
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Best teachers you care about the personal growth and development of their students. There is a culture of learning and fun. The community is rooted the development of a holistically good person that will work for good in what ever they chose to do.
I graduated from St. James Academy in May of 2012 and still feel as though my High School experience was one that has positively impacted my life and shaped me into the young adult I am today! The entire administrative staff as well as each and every teacher who contributed to my education was always positive, uplifting, and encouraging while teaching proper discipline. Being able to attend this Catholic School educated me not only in common curriculum, but instilled a deep desire to cultivate an organic and fruitful relationship with God. At St. James Academy, openly having a relationship with Our Lord is not only encouraged but HIGHLY sought after! And for an atmosphere such as this, to have trudged through the awkward high school years in, I will be forever grateful!
I am currently a senior at St. James Academy, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't rather go to school anywhere else. Movies and TV shows taught me that high school would be the worst 4 years of my life, but I have enjoyed high school far beyond what I thought was possible. The administration here at SJA really really cares for us, which makes the entire environment feel so warm and welcoming. Every year, the senior class does a great job of welcoming your freshmen, and the warm, welcoming sense of community is something that never diminishes, no matter the time of year (:
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