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St. Isidore Catholic School Reviews

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The teachers have been positive and open to meeting with the parents regarding any concerns.
There have been positive changes both academically and spiritually. I am very happy with the open communication with the administration staff. I have chosen this school for my children to attend for the safe environment and strong support community. My children enjoy the atmosphere and demonstrate proper behavior in the classroom which I credit to the staff.
The 2014/15 school year has been incredible with the support of the administration to the parents and vice versa.
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The equipment for the children has been improving. The bathrooms need to be upgraded.
There are sports activities available including volleyball, basketball and soccer. In addition, students have participated in spelling bees, religious decathlons and altar server Olympics.
The staff contacts the parent immediately for any concern regarding a child being ill or fallen, etc. My child had a hospitalization and the support of the faculty regarding her ongoing condition has been incredibly attentive.
Middle school, first and fourth grade teacher great. Forget the rest
Music, art, some sports...comes and goes
Dangerous playground equipment has been removed. A parent donated funds to put a fence around the school a couple years ago which has given some security. Bullying is down, and there is a parent aide on site who is utilized as a school nurse. Students are allowed to come into school sick with productive coughs, and one even with active strep.
Mold and mildew, bathrooms old plumbing
St Isidore's has had it's share of changes over the years, however the 2014-15 year is marked by administrative apathy, disorganization, and disinterest in the students, parents, quality of education, and mostly it's mission. This school has in the past been greatly supported by the community and parents, however many longterm parents are leaving due to frustration with current policies and an academic integrity issue.
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