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St. Ignatius College Preparatory School Reviews

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People have a lot have bad rumors about SI but SI is truly an amazing place. It’s truly like a family and everything about it is wonderful.
Before my freshman year I had always heard how my school was racist and the students and staff was all racist. Once I began at my school I really started to enjoy the school its very diverse and I like the fact that the school is motto is that everyone be treated equal. If you receive financial assistance for your student to attend you receive additional perks to help ensure that you as a student feel similar to those students who have the finances to attend without a scholarship. They still have work to do as a whole but they seem to be on the right track.
St. Ignatius has helped me to better understand myself along with preparing me academically for my future education. SI really fulfills their duty of preparing its students for college, whether it be their rigorous academics or learning to form strong relationships with their teachers and peers. Throughout my four years at SI, I've also learned the importance of maintaining faith in God and knowing that I'm able to find him in all things. And I believe that if it weren't for SI incorporating God into my daily life I wouldn't be who I am today. Aside from that, SI's diversity has helped me to become comfortable in an environment along with making me feel as if I belonged. Lastly, I am glad to have attended St. Ignatius because it really has helped to lead me on the right path along with preparing me for college.
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St. Ignatius is an amazing school when it comes to preparing a student for college. There are many options when it comes to class choices, so more or less rigor is available to meet each student's needs. The student life is fun and adjustable and will accommodate both introverts and extroverts. SI provides students with numerous opportunities to further their education or divulge in their interests. I've personally gotten both my prior jobs due to SI connections and couldn't have gained from those experiences without the resources from SI.
Saint Ignatius has helped me in all different aspects of my life and this amazing institution protected me from the scary transitions when I was going through some challenges. I am a Mexican-American student who is first generation college bound so I can speak upon the diversity and honestly Saint Ignatius is inclusive and welcoming as long as the student puts themselves out there to meet new people and break social barriers. Every place has its bad and good traits and no school is perfect but SI is supportive in making everyone from every ethnic, social, and economic background feel as equal as possible. I also played sports at SI and I was president of the Wildcat Welcoming Club. I was apart of the Association of Latin American Students, so I saw many different aspects of Saint Ignatius and I cannot complain! This school has empowered me to set forth and achieve my goals being a minority woman. I am forever thankful for the experiences and support this school had given me.
What I like about SI is how good they are in academics. This school will really prepare you for college. Also there is a lot of good teachers who will always help you. There is also a lot of resources for help like the learning center. There is also a lot of good academics classes such as Ap’s and Honors.
I personally had a good experience, but a lot of that was due to luck. Many of my friends had very unsatisfactory experiences with teachers or administrators. On the other hand, many, including me, had exceptional experiences with other teachers and faculty members. The school culture leaves some to be desired in terms of inclusivity and mixing of experiences.
I liked Saint Ignatius College Preparatory because of the teachers and the counseling department. The resources available are very helpful for students to learn and grow.
Honestly some of the most formative years of my life. The academics really drive home the idea of building character through your classes. There is also a really strong community among the students and teachers alike.
Have you ever had a bad experience at school? Well, Y=MX it is like that sometimes. With SI, this feeling only occurred rarely. It's very openminded and I wouldn't say there are 'cliques' but there are definitely racial groups. SI has hella resources for everyone... you just have to be willing to take initiative and take advantage of them. There's a lot of academic aid offered if you're struggling and both the personal and college counselors are really nice. The teachers also really care about the students and offer a lot of 1 to 1 meeting. I think the only students that didn't really enjoy SI as much struggled academically. If you are considering to apply for SI, keep in mind that the courses are ALL college leveled so it's pretty hardcore. Overall, the school is really great. It has its ups and downs, but I think that's with all high schools. I wish SI had more school spirit, we lack in that...
Overall I have had a wonderful experience. The teachers and counselors are extremely supportive. I've met so many wonderful students. There are so many opportunities that this school has given me.
SI has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The Jesuit education is the finest around, and the community is so diverse that there is always something new to try. Its location in San Francisco gives you access to one of the coolest and adventurous cities in the country. Despite a relatively large student body for a private school, the community still feels so tight-knit. The teachers go above and beyond not just as educators, but as mentors who prepare you for college and life beyond. The Jesuit values of "cura personalis" and "men and women with and for others" are enacted wholeheartedly by each student in all areas of the school such as athletics, arts, and community service. St. Ignatius lives up to the "college preparatory" name.
I have had an amazing time going to St. Ignatius! Not coming from a catholic background I have felt welcomed and accepted. The teachers are superb and you can tell they care about you. I have made so many friends and I love going to school everyday.
As an African American, at SI it is a difficult challenge because you don’t see so many that look like you. However, there are so many wonderful people there and opportunities to take advantage of.
I would like to see more diversity in both the people and the topics and book read/learned in english
It is a tough school for some kids of color. A lot of the classes are fun and the teachers are very helpful. The college resources are good and the academic resources are too.
This is a overall great school. The athletics are what you come for; however, the academics are also amazing. The teachers are super understanding of extracurriculars and they will help you understand what you need to make up from when you missed class. The students are great especially when you need help finding something or doing something. The campus is very beautiful with multiple atheltic facilities such as a swimming pool, weight rooms, a football/soccer field, a batting cage, and a track. My only con of SI, though, is that there is a strong power structure in which people who participate in more popular sports are usually more respected than others. However, I do have many friends who participate in preforming arts, fine arts and the orchestra and they all love the programs they’re in.
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St. Ignatius College Preparatory is unbelievably prestigious, more so than one can imagine. We are a community of student-athletes who strive for excellence in all that we do. In contrast to Sacred “we take everyone who applies” Heart Cathedral, St. Ignatius provides a solid base for students entering college, hence the name.
Saint Ignatius College Preparatory is a good school for academics and the school has an exceptional Principle. The curriculum does challenge each student and prepares you for college. That being said, the pressure of this school is very stressful. Many students are on anti-depressive medicine and the suicide rate is way to high. This needs to be looked at in my opinion. The sports vary depending on the coaches and year. I strongly recommend the swimming and JV Water Polo teams. The coaches are amazing! Some sports teams are very political and don't give students a fair chance to participate.
Attending St. Ignatius College Preparatory was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My overall experience at this high school has helped shaped me in the way I treat others, the way I learn, and the way I will prepare for the future. The balance of extra-curriculars and academics is one that not many schools in the Bay Area have. I recommend this school to any student who wants to be challenged by the academics as well as pursue an activity that he/she is passionate about.
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