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Working at St. Gerard CHS has been a blessing. The moment I stepped foot on campus I fell in love with the culture, the school, the administration, the kiddos and the history. I am forever a part of this Royal Family!
My total experience as a whole was awesome. The school when I first arrived was very difficult to learn in and hard to focus, as time went by changes started to happen rapidly. New staff was implemented and the identity of the school started to change and it became more of a home to me. The staff and faculty were great and i would advise it to any other kid trying to find a high school. the only thing St. Gerard lacks on is money and resources. In the future if anybody was wishing to donate money to a school I would recommend St. Gerard. it is located in the east side of San Antonio and is helping many kids like myself.
Why no real cafeteria? Why only 80 students? Why do few actually enroll in university? Why not do away with poor performing sports and add to library, cafeteria, faculty salaries? Why so many sport administrators? Why do so many teachers and students not stay?
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This is our first year at St Gerard and the facility is great. I would like to see them get the parents more involved.
I attended graduated from St. Gerard in 2009. My graduating class was only 26 students and the whole school was only about 120 students total. I really enjoyed going to school there. It was a very close and family-type environment. The parents were very involved and everyone was able to play any sport they wanted to. There was little to no violence in the school and it was my home away from home. I would like to see the enrollment get better there and for it to get more funding for the current students.
As an Alum of St. Gerard, I have a lot of pride in my school. Principal Mendez has guided St. Gerard back to its prominence and beyond. The teachers and administration are wonderful and always very warm and welcoming. The campus is very beautiful and is well maintained. The students female and male have bonded together and take pride in their school. This type of pride I didn't even notice back when I went to school in the early 90's. If you want a high school where all the teachers are certified, qualified and are there for the students and not just a paycheck, you need to seriously look into St. Gerard Catholic High School.
this school is a wonderful place full of character and friendly faces. the teachers here are fun and caring and will try their hardest to get you to succeed.
Why not have a real cafeteria wit actual hot meals? Why does the school have less than 70 students? Why have 80% of administrative people left? Why have 75% of teachers gone? Why did all the coaches leave? Is it safe? The building is very very old. Does the library have new books? Why does the principal have a guard walk with her in the school?
Teachers are required to contact the parent if the student has a grade below a 70 as soon as possible to help the student and make the parent aware. I love the fact that "Renweb" communicates with the parents. Were able to see the grades and assist or question the grades daily.
Only one I know of is the "Stop the Bullying" advertisements and talks.
The Medical Club is very interesting for students who wish to go into the medical field.

Fun day with the students playing volleyball games against the staff/teachers/admin

After school activity at the YMCA-the Y has a program called the Y-Achievers that has helped my daughter who is now a senior with trips to universities, applying for scholarships. Its available for middle and high school students.
The principal has made a big impact in the school overall. She is strong, firm and very personable when able to. Its unique because its a small school and very strong. Always praying for student increase by year and I believe it can happen.
Even with all it's faults I have met some really great people. I think this school was the best one for me.
our teachers come and go year to year so it's hard to gauge their quality.
It is generally a safe school. The stuff that happens is harmless.
It's not the worst but the administration is not as helpful as one would hope.
Very little extracurricular are offered. Not much variety.
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It's not difficult to get in but it's nearly impossible to get help applying for college and scholarships.
I have been satisfied with the school
Unfortunately since the school is very small, involvement in sports is minimal
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