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The teachers are hard to talk to and won't answer your questions. They don't help you when you ask them, and they don't explain things well either. Also, they are a very expensive school, and is not fun at all.
While academics are top of the line, most teachers are amazing, and all of the equipment at St. George's is state of the art, the administration is fairly unreasonable. This is a school where money talks, constantly. If you/your family has a lot of money, you will without a doubt get cut the most slack and will be treated completely different compared to someone without as much money.
I liked the small class sizes. Personalized attention to the students. Excellent teachers and staff.
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Very difficult but very good at preparing you for college. The IB diploma is thoroughly covered. Huge amounts of homework. Too much homework too strict teachers.
Very committed teachers, but overall a lot of administrative errors. There is a close knit feel, however there are some weird kids here. You can get away with a lot, but you will also be pushed. Teachers who really care about you. Also the IB diploma program will help get you into college.
I came to Saint George's as a freshman and was there for all four years of highschool. This school allowed me to have so many opportunties. I played tennis, soccer, and basketball. The teachers were incredible and really went above and beyond. Sometimes there was a lot of homework and high expectations but the teachers are always willing to help you and are very easy to talk to. They basically became my family.
The outdoors program made the school a five star to me. It has given me confidence in many ways and in many fields.
The teachers at school are very good.
The school rewards those who work hard
This school is very hands on and has any resources available to students.
Our school has great health and safety policies.
We have a no cut policy in athletics. But teams are competitive for sure our boys basketball team won the state championship this past year. Our coaching staff is excellent
I love the size of my school. The student teacher ratio is great. Teachers are always willing to help and know you on a personal level. There are plenty of opportunities to follow your passion at this school.
There isn't a cafeteria. We make a mass order to Pizza Hut or Panda Express a couple times a week.
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