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Loved it while I was a student, will send my kids here. Probably one of the best boarding schools in the country in terms of resources and student body talent
While this place gave me life long friends, the faculty and administration made living here a hell for us all.
St. George's is a great place to attend school. You have access to countless opportunities such as Geronimo, GCIP, and other trips that you will not get elsewhere, and these enhance your education in a fun and meaningful way. Classes are very engaging and you get to know your teachers extremely well because of the small class sizes. They are always available for extra help and the college counseling office does a good job assisting the upperclasses in their college search. While I wish that some coaches recruited more for certain sports to build slightly stronger varsity programs, the ISL is a great league that is very competetive and St. George's offers great facilities in which to compete and practice your sport. Overall, I am pleased with my 4 years here and wish I could be here longer!
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SG was some of the best years of my life. I miss the school dearly and wish I was back on the hilltop. The campus is unbeatable and the academics really prepare you for your future. Their alumni network is a goldmine. Past students love coming back to help find other SG students jobs or internships.
My son spend wonderful time at there. School is not just a place for studying and also a place for making friends. School support student to well prepared for college and future life.
I'm an SG graduate and absolutely loved the school. Smart, interesting students and talented, inspiring faculty. Stunning location.
Coming in as a new sophomore, I was a little nervous. When I arrived to St. George's, I was put into a dorm with many new sophomores, as well. This school and the students really welcomed me into their community and made me feel comfortable. In the fall, I signed up for field hockey, which is a sport that is almost non-existent where I am from. I met so many different types of people, many of which have also never played field hockey before. If you are not interested in playing sports, there are also many other options like the play, managing, community service, and many other options, too. Overall, St. George's is one of the best places I have ever stepped place on.
The best part of St. George's school is the location. Not only is our school on the water, but we are next to Newport Rhode Island. Many of the people think that Newport is a summer location, but being at school here has changed that. When it snows at SG the top of the chapel has snow all over it and looks awesome. Then in Newport, I went to a restaurant while it was snowing in the middle of the streets at night looked so cool.
EVERYTHING!!! St. George's has been a loving, caring, and nourishing atmosphere! Whether is it the engaged teacher, or the moral of the students, St. George's does an amazing job creating an environment where you can grow as a student, and also as a person. Although SG is a boarding school, the faculty and staff make sure you always feel at home, holding your hand through the toughest of times. I have always felt as though I have had a home and a support system!
I came here as a new sophomore and it felt as if I've been here from the beginning. This school is unlike any other. The students and faculty are my family. Not only are we in the most gorgeous location, but I am surrounded by gorgeous people, inside and out. I absolutely recommend this school.
St. George's School feels like home to me and coming here has positively changed my life for the better. I came here as a freshman boarding student. I was scared of what I would encounter here, but once I arrived I fell instantly in love with St. George's. The community of boarders and day students is extremely inclusive and welcomed me with open arms. I play three varsity sports all year round, and although my schedule is busy, I benefit from my athletics and academics greatly. My family visits me often and I am able to play club soccer in MA and balance my school work well. I am amazed at how great St. George's has been to me so far, and I am excited for the future.
What I have like most and am so grateful, that St Georges does for students is have an all-freshman dorm. This dormitory, Wheeler, had allowed me during my freshman year to meet other freshmen with ease. Without a doubt, the Spring and fall time on campus is impossible to beat. The warm weather means most of the campus will be on the beach playing spike ball or swimming in the ocean.
I have had a great experience at St.George's. There are a wide variety of classes that are challenging yet in your comfort zone. All the teachers love their work and are committed to their craft. The athletics are great, arts are exceptional and the activities on campus are always fun. My favorite parts are definitely all the traditions that we do here.
The school provides various opportunities and helps the students to find who they truly are. I had a really great time here, and the teachers are really nice.
St. George's is amazing! The people are so nice, it is the warmest and friendliest community. The academics are challenging, with rigorous honors and advance course program, while giving me the opportunity to try new things, in and out of the classroom.
I came to St. George's as a new sophomore. I thought my transition to boarding school was going to be harder for me than it was, but I instantly loved it. I have made my best friends in the world here and I love getting to go to the beach together, hang out with them in the grill or do fun things together in the dorm at night.
A few things I really enjoy about St George's are the people, the food, and the events they have for student entertainment. Everyone is very inclusive and my friends that I have made make my day so much better. The food provided at meals is always delicious. There are fun activities to attend such as Spring Dance Weekend and the Christmas Festival.
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St. George's School has a beautiful campus with great facilities and a beautiful view of the ocean. Location is fantastic as downtown Newport is a short ways away. The teachers are dedicated to their work and the school community is very tightly knit.
My favorite part about St. George's is the school spirit and pride that you can find around campus. Home games are always fun to attend, especially Friday Night Lights. The kids on campus are very welcoming and super friendly and I love the community. All the teachers and coaches are very supportive and help you become your best self.
St. George's has provided a wonderful experience for two of our children. We've seen them thrive academically, socially and in sports on a campus that is stunning.
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