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St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School Reviews

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We are new to SFA but so far so good. The teachers are friendly and the students look happy. I like the academic and religious education that they provide. I think I made a good decision choosing this school :)
We delighted to have found and chosen St Francis of Assisi. Our grandson attend and he cannot be happier; so are we. The teachers and staff are warm and willing. They care about the students; their academics and their well being.
Way to go St Francis of Assisi-Timber Wolves. #WeLoveSTFrancisTimberwolves!
SFA is the BEST decision we have ever made! Our son joined a classroom more than halfway through the year when we moved here six years ago and the children and teachers welcomed him immediately with open arms and hearts. He is now a fifth grader who is thriving academically and socially thanks to the wonderful faculty, staff and environment at St. Francis. He can’t walk down the hall without people greeting him by name and it’s the same when his Dad or I visit school. This school has made Memphis home for us! 🐺 ❤️
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My daughter has just begun her 6th grade at SFA (we've been here since Pre-K), and it's definitely a second home. It's a tight-knit community where all the teachers and staff know her (and me) by name. The academics provide a great range, with gifted children benefiting from the Enrichment program while those in need of additional help have Enhance and PLUS programs. There's an emphasis on STEM and the usage of technology in the classroom. There's tons of extracurricular activities to choose from, from dance/gymnastics, choir, band, theater, sports, Scouts, robotics, Animal Rescue Club... The ways for your children to become involved are so varied! And they always welcome parents in the school with lots of ways for us to be involved as well. I really couldn't ask for anything else!
We are new to SFA but so far we are LOVING it! The staff are so helpful in every way imaginable. Most of the teachers have been here for 13 + yrs. and always have a smile on their faces and eager to help your child if they are struggling.

After coming from SCS I can Say that is has been the biggest relief for us knowing our child is in an environment that is truly focused on nurturing your child for life success.

There is also a culture of inclusion, friendliness and respect for others that is ingrained in everyone at the school. The feeling of being welcomed began from the moment we walked in the school all the way to children actively reaching out to our son to introduce him to classmates he may not know yet.

Can’t say enough positive things about this place. Only wish we made the switch sooner.
We love SFA!! Great teachers and great students. The best education you could ask for and a great environment.
Best school ever! Highly prestigious school with excellent staff. In addition to its excellent academic quality, also without values ​​as human beings. My son started in 2 nd grade and he was trained with good bases to get through high school and now he is senior with great grade ... my daughter attends the plus classes and I am so happy With the amazing progress she has made, Mrs.. Jones and all teacher to support this program are working very hard during summer to share they experience with kids some learning delays ... A+
Our daughters began at St. Francis of Assisi in 3rd and 6th grade. Both made the transition very well. Initially, I was welcomed by a fellow, seasoned SFA parent who served as a mentor and someone I could reach out to when I had questions. This was such a blessing to me! Providing our children a Catholic faith filled education was a high priority for us. We were drawn to the smaller class sizes and a church and school community with Catholic values. We’ve been so pleased with the strong academics, inclusiveness, staff, teachers, coaches and parent involvement. Not only are there numerous clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities; SFA teaches and encourages our children to give back through service to the underprivileged. It is a loving, safe and positive Christian learning environment that truly puts our kids first! This school truly embodies Saint Francis of Assisi’s quote “For it is in giving that we receive”.
My child has attended here for 4 years. We have been impressed with the education and community that we have become a part of. The teachers are some of the best I have seen a d Mrs. Brown is an excellent principal.
What a blessing! Our daughter has been at SFA for eight years. The faculty and staff provide a safe and fun environment to learn in. Academically SFA is superior. Add to that a Christian, Catholic faith filled environment and you have an amazing school!!
Both of my children attended SFA from 4K through 8th grade. The gift of a Catholic education not only prepared my children for high school and college but prepared them life. My kids keep in touch with their favorite teachers who inspired, encouraged, and challenged them every day. St. Francis School was the best investment we could have made for our children!
Our children began at SFA in 5th and 7th grade. We love the teachers, the administration, the learning environment. Our children both made the transition really well. They offer lots of clubs, sports and extracurricular activities. It's just a sweet school and we are glad we made the change.
Both of my children attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. They are now in high school in honors or AP classes. St. Francis gave them the education that prepared them for upper level classes in high school. The school teaches within a Catholic framework to shape them into caring teens. The teachers were kind and supportive while encouraging academic rigor. I loved this school!
Save your money and go somewhere else. They will coverup the bullying. The person in charge of disciplinary actions will only support her kids' friends and bully others. Ask them what their growth rate is for the last 5 years. Why they cannot maintain minority students? Why do they keep changing principals? They are using the old PLUS program, Blue Ribbon status, and PLTW Gateway as marketing tools. They are way behind in math and science along with technology. Tuition may not go up, but you will be paying hidden fees. Save your money for college. There are way better schools out there.
I couldn't be happier with SFA. They have great programs to challenge the kids such as Project Lead the Way, Enrichment and Enhance, and all that is done with a catholic faith in mind!
My daughter attended SFA from K-8. She truly enjoyed her time at this school. She made good friends, was loved and was treated fairly, had amazing teachers, and learned a whole lot. She is a high school Junior and is excelling in academics in the Honors and AP classes. SFA prepared her for success in high school and beyond.
St.Francis is a wonderful school. My children have truly loved being apart of St Francis and have made wonderful friends. The teachers are always kind and professional, they truly care about each student and only want the best for them. Academics are ahead of many other schools we have been at. If you want the best come to St. Francis Catholic School.
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I am offering the reflective perspective as the parent of children who graduated many years ago. Two of my children graduated from St. Francis both of whom have very different personalities and learning styles. I am truly so grateful that St. Francis offered each of them a solid academic and moral foundation upon which to build very successful and meaningful lives. Looking back, it's one of the better decisions I made for them.
St. Francis of Assisi School is Fantastic! It has a wonderful feeling like you are part of a family. From the teachers and staff to the cafeteria helpers and the director of safety, everyone is so friendly and helpful. The academics are incredibly strong and the students are well-prepared for any high school and beyond.
All four of my children attended SFA! Being in an environment where my children learn more about their Catholic faith and practice it is very important to our family. The education is top notch and they are very prepared for High School. The teachers challenged my children yet gave the care and compassion as if they were their own. The feeling when you walk into the school is warm, friendly, and inviting...not stark and "institutional". I highly recommend St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School!!!