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St. Francis de Sales High School Reviews

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What I enjoyed about St. Francis de Sales was the bond that is formed between classmates. Having been with my current class since 2016, the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone upset that we can not be together.
St. Francis is the best decision I ever made for high school. Everyone there is caring and works to make you a better person.
My son is graduating this Spring. St. Francis has provided him with all the things he needs to succeed in college and life. The school has a very encouraging and supportive atmosphere! He has truly grown into an incredible gentleman with their support!
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St. Francis gave me the exact experience I was looking for but with a twist. St Francis encourages brotherhood. It provides very close knit connections with your fellow students as well as teachers. St Francis helped prepare me for college.
Great school. It definitely prepared me for college. I would even say it over-prepared me and it college felt like a breeze my first semester. I really wish they did more with their music there though.
The brotherhood, the peace of mind that we are a community and help one another. Always looking out in house and out of house in how we can make better a community. The teachers and all members of the faculty are really great people, always putting the need of the kids first.
Attending St. Francis de Sales was a wonderful life experience. Throughout my years at St Francis, I've learned multiple life skills and academic skills to prepare for college. Joining the brotherhood at St. Francis de Sales was a very important life decision that I will be forever grateful for. Along with furthering my academic skills and career, St. Francis de Sales also taught me a great amount about spiritual life in the world and in my own personal life. Attending this high school was a life changing transformative experience. I will forever be proud to say that I am an Alumni of St. Francis de Sales.
I like the small class sizes. Some teachers are really helpful, a few could be better. I chose to go to St. Francis de Sales rather than go to a public school. I like that they offer many different clubs and sports, it seems that anyone could find an activity they like.
It is a true Brotherhood with faculty and staff who genuinely care and more than prepare you for college. It has about twenty two AP courses available to its students.
My personal experience at this school was the best time of my academic life, I really felt the Knight brotherhood.
I will never regret attending St. Francis. It has equipped me with all the necessary skills to be successful in my future careers.
St. Francis is a wonderful enviroment to learn, grow, and prosper. It is a institution that provides a chance to become a great young man. It instills habits that you can carry with you for your whole life. The school spirit is one of a kind also. They provide a "brotherhood" with your fellow classmates that you will have forever. The St. Francis community runs deep and strong.
I attended sfs from 2012 until2016, I made some great friends, and great connections with alumni and teachers. If you have a son looking to grow into a man within 4 years this is the place for him. Whether you love sports, band, or school you will fit in at sfs. No one is left out.
There is a brotherhood here that comes from the bonds we make through worshiping together, working hard in the classroom, on the sports fields, and volunteering in our community. We have real commaraderie with each other and with the excellent teachers that make us want to be the best versions of ourselves.
My experience at St. Francis was great! Academically I was challenged to always give my best and work hard. I was involved in a few clubs and played both hockey and lacrosse. Both with successful teams and seasons. At SFS there is an incredible sense of brotherhood and I have made a lot of friends that I know will be life long friends. I feel i am well prepared to start the nest chapter of my life as I go off to college.
St. Francis is a great overall school and it gives you a great opportunity to do great things in your life.
Attending St. Francis was the best decision I have ever made in my life so far. The staff works hard and does their job to ensure that students work to achieve the goals they have set for themselves personally and scholastically. The staff works to mold incoming students into becoming very successful well rounded and well taught gentleman that live to serve others and their communities through the motto "Suaviter et Fortitier," the translation from latin being "gently but firmly." The student life of St. Francis de Sales as the years go by creates a tight brotherhood between everyone that will help them succeed in their many years after graduation.
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I love attending St. Francis de Sales because there is so much to do and be involved in. The teachers are wonderful and the Oblates are so generous and kind to every student it really made a difference in my high school career.
Welcoming family atmosphere. They talk of a brotherhood. You need to experience it through your sons to realize what it means. Teachers who want to see the boys succeed and give help as needed. They get to know the parents and when they see you they always have something nice to say. Boosters, fathers and mothers clubs so the whole family feels part of the school.
There are plenty of extracurricular activities to join at Saint Francis. If your an athlete or a genius there is something for you.
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