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Before graduating in 2015, now a senior in high school class of 2019. I have build friendships that I will cherish for life. Grown close to teachers and education is great.
Firedrills and lockdowns are taught to the students in case of an emergency. Children are very aware of what they have to do. There is a school nurse available to all students. Bullying isn't tolerated. For all I've seen, students stick up for one another if someone is picked on or exlcuded.
The extracurricular activities were fun while I was attending this school! I hope more clubs are formed for the students.
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All of the staff and students here are friendly. I'd recommend anyone to this school. It's a safe community, very welcoming.
The teachers here are great. I enjoyed oral presentations because it helped me overcome my shyness in a way, but I also would've liked more group projects and getting to know each of my classmates better.
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