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Very small and niche, I would love to see more diversity represented amongst the staff and the students. Improvements should be made to more departments than sports, such as art and drama. The drama department is thriving with knowledgable and passionate staff, yet lacks resources to perform really fantastic shows.
My experience at Saint Elizabeth has been a great one. I came to Saint Elizabeth in 8th grade and i met my best friend her name is abbey and we share the same last name but not sure if we are related. But St. E’s is an amazing school we are basically one big family and no one is ever judged and if you ever need help someone is always willing to provide it. I like Saint Elizabeth school as it is i wouldn’t change anything about it.
Very close knit and personal. People know you and you are not just another face in the crowd. You have a voice.
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Although I am only a junior at St. Elizabeth High School, I have found it to be an generally positive 3 years thus far. The academic experience I have received from the school, I feel, is preparing me for college and leaving me with an overall positive high school experience. I have found life-long friends there that I don't think I would have found elsewhere. The faculty and staff have also proved to be very welcoming and friendly, and teachers are always willing to provide students with extra practice and help after hours if necessary. Although St. E is located in the heart of Wilmington, I feel very safe and at home while in school.
Saint Elizabeth’s High School gave me the opportunity to inspire, be the best person I can be, and chase my dreams. My teachers, and coaches inspired me to stay focused, value discipline, and be the rock of a foundation in order to take care of my family. Attending this school gave me the characteristics that I posses today.
Saint Elizabeth’s has given me an amazing high school experience. For the past four years, I have been surrounded by amazing people of whom I have made memories with that will last a lifetime. Saint Elizabeth’s has helped me to not only grow as a person, but grow scholastically and spiritually as well. I have been given numerous opportunities to get involved and continue to advance academically each year. The faculty and staff have been there to support and encourage me to become the best version of myself. I can honestly say that I will leave Saint Elizabeth’s as someone whose ready for all of the challenges college will bring.
Since the school is small you really get the opportunity to find who you are. The teachers are committed to students’ success and truly care about our well being. There are so many opportunities to find what you love from different classes, clubs, sports, and activities! Just don’t be afraid to sign up and try something new!
St. Elizabeth is a fairly typical catholic school. Full of a lot of spoiled rich kids, but most are okay. Used iPads as part of the class curriculum, which is greatly beneficial. Be on the look out for Tina Donohue cause shes one of the worst. She's a Spanish teacher, if you could call her a teacher. Also Ms. Murphy, not great either. Overall, better than public school, but its still high school.
I transferred to St. Elizabeth High School for the beginning of my sophomore year. The students did turn out to be fun and friendlier than the average student body, however the teaching and administrative staff was absolutely horrendous. The academic staff is generally narrow minded and will only try to help through words, not actions. Among many issues my family and I faced with incomplient teachers, my favorite is when I had a major disagreement with a biased grade given to me on an AP literature teacher and was ready to argue it, but couldn’t because the teacher of my class is the academic Dean. I am taking virtual course of AP Calculus BC because the school does not offer this course (alongside MANY courses for college readiness). I am frustrated with the school administration and faculty... to the point where I am excited to fill out this rating of my high school.
as far as academics its good, other than the that the schools small size means all interesting and better class options are only on VHS for additional money and only for select students. For this school to advance the need to expand their windows for educational advancement. .
The teachers are great. They all strive to prepare you for college and provide you with the best education possible.
As a student here, I love St. Elizabeth. They have prepared me for college and guided me through the application process. I am grateful for the staff because they are so motivating and always push us to do our absolute best. There are plenty of activities to participate in, where everyone is included. Also since we are a small school, it is easy to be apart of sports team where cuts rarely happen. The only improvement to be made is increasing the diversity within the students and staff.
Its a great school with excellent techers who are very accomidating and caring. We use iPads fora 1:1 learning experience
St. Elizabeth High School is small, close nit community that provide excellent education both academic and religious. The things that speaks most about this school the small community, because of this we become almost family with each other. The new thing that spoke out to me was the teachers. Not only are the teachers willing to help the students, but they remember you! After my first class, the teacher already had a class room of names memorized.
This is my first year at St Elizabeth. The school staff and students have been very welcoming. It feels like a family. I'm in all honors classes and the curriculum is challenging and rewarding. I have made many new friends. I'm very happy I chose st. Elizabeth for my high school experience
I personally have enjoyed my time at St. Elizabeth High School. The community and family feeling are simply not something you can find at any school. Benedictine hospitality and inclusion of all people is a major part of being apart of the St. Elizabeth community. Teachers and administrators are always around to help. As long as you show that you want to succeed and be helped, they are always willing to go out of their way to help you with whatever you are struggling with. The academic competitiveness between students is amazing. We push each other to work harder and do our best.
Saint Elizabeth High School has a warm, welcoming, family type atmosphere where students can be themselves. The administration and staff is very helpful. I've really enjoyed my four years at Saint Elizabeth participating in Mock Trial, Academic Bowl and Science Olympiad just to name a few of the clubs they have to offer.
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I enjoyed my experience at St. Elizabeth's because it is a school with many great opportunities. I was able to participate in numerous activities in clubs from the theater department, athletics, and clubs like chess, literature magazine, and pep club. Given the smaller class sizes you are able to meet with teachers more and get personalized help in each class. The school community is welcoming and supportive of your educational and spiritual journey all four years.
I like St. Elizabeth's high school and I like how they teachers really care if you did good or not. They are always ready to help you and they will work with you u tip you get the concept. I play basketball and our basketball program is really good and the coaches care about you like your their own son.
Some teachers are friendly and approachable, but there will always be those teachers that you don't like at the school.
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