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We'd heard about St. Charles from friends and colleagues. From the minute we met the faculty and saw the campus, we knew there was no choice but to have our two children attend! The subsequent years have been nothing but stellar. The teachers are engaged, take their continuing education seriously, are adaptable, and care deeply about their students. Our children loved getting up to go to school. The school leadership and staff also make the campus welcoming, involve families, and keep a safe, productive, and engaging atmosphere for learning. When the COVID-related shutdowns occurred, this all continued via distance learning. This was truly an amazing endeavor and one the our children will benefit from for years to come. That same spirit that the teachers and staff had before just took on a new form and they delivered the same content and learning despite all the obstacles. St. Charles is an amazing school and carries our highest recommendation!
I have experienced a few schools in the area, and I will say that St. Charles stands out among the rest. It provides a strong community atmosphere that welcomes and encourages each family and student. The staff are so pleasant and genuinely are invested in not just the academic success but also the emotional and relational success in their students. Communication is key, and they do it well! There are so many opportunities to get involved, and they encourage anyone who wishes to help out to do so. Our children really enjoy their school!
From the moment we first stepped foot into St. Charles, it felt like home. I know that each day when I send my children to school, then are safe and sound. Not only are the academic standards high, but the teachers are also very loving and nurturing. St. Charles has truly been a blessing for our family.
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We found St. Charles somewhat by chance when we were looking for a preschool. It was supposed to be our first stop of several, but after our tour we signed up on the spot. We've now been at St. Charles for 5 years and it has become our home. St. Charles school, parish, and families are truly a community. We have been so impressed with the school's leadership and the commitment of every faculty and staff member. There is something very special about having preschool through 8th grade students together, learning from each other, especially through some of the structured mentoring programs (K & 4th grade buddies, 1st & 8th grade buddies, Faith Families). Our daughters are now entering 1st and 3rd grades and every teacher has exceeded our expectations, finding ways to challenge and encourage their learning. The specials programs (art, music, technology, Spanish, PE, body management, and library) and gardens have been simply outstanding and have further enriched our daughters' education.
From the very beginning of starting in transitional kindergarten our two children felt at home at St. Charles. St. Charles is a school with such a strong and loving community as well as strong academics, amazing teachers and staff, numerous extracurricular activities, a fantastic arts program and a variety of sports. Both children enjoyed their 10 years at the school. St. Charles is an excellent choice to not only prepare you for high school but also in life.
Our daughter transferred to St. Charles as a 7th grader, and enjoyed her last two years so much that she did not want to leave. She was challenged academically, and was so thrilled to be involved in the music program and the musicals. As a junior Broadway school of excellence, St. Charles has a lot to offer with show choir and the outstanding productions. Excellent teachers and administration who couple compassion and faith with rigor and high expectations. I would recommend without reservations to all.
St. Charles has been an outstanding school from the very beginning of its existence. I know this firsthand, as I was a student there on the day the school opened. Now, my grandchildren are proud to be attending. The academics taught are excellent, the religious training is appropriate and the human caring and compassion is outstanding. We are very fortunate to have this school in our Kettering neighborhood.
We absolutely LOVE this school. My daughter loves going, to the point she cried every day during the Covid break because she wanted to be at her school. Feels so good to know we made the right decision to send her!
We have loved our years at St. Charles! We lived in a great school district (Bellbrook) but we wanted a Christ centered education for our kids. The classes are small and our teachers have gone above and beyond. Our youngest is dyslexic, but has still found extra assistance with Ms.Haus with reading and math. This summer our math teacher is working one on one with our youngest via Zoom. The technology available to our girls was also on par, with the help of the Knights of Columbus fundraising, each of our daughters had her own Chromebook through out the school year for home and class use. The CYO sports helped them excel in out of school activities. The music and arts have been some of our daughters favorite memories. We truly believe that the education and faith formation our daughters have received at St. Charles has been incredible and will serve them for the rest of their lives.
St. Charles is an outstanding school. The faculty and staff are wonderful and devoted to the school and its students. In addition to a strong focus on academics, there are music programs, a variety of sports to choose from, plus STEM driven activities to participate in, all providing a well-rounded elementary experience. The St. Charles community is like no other, and we have been so grateful to have it be such a big part of our lives for the last seven years. Especially during these times of uncertainty, having the support of such an incredible community has been priceless. Our children didn't lose one day of education during a pandemic, which is a remarkable thing to be able to say. The commitment of the teachers to continue learning from a distance was amazing.
Guided by a competent, compassionate administrative team, the faculty and staff at St. Charles create the ultimate learning environment for students by using best practices to implement standards based instruction/ assessment, by focusing on character development, and by prioritizing the social/ emotional/ spiritual needs of students. By doing what is best for students, the St. Charles community consistently provides an exceptional education for all.