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St. Cecilia High School Reviews

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Saint Cecilia not just a school but a community full of amazing people. The experience not be thought everything. From failing in middle school to the high honor roll in high school. GPA of 3.7 ik its not the best but im trying my best to get a 4.0 GPA.
The school is a great chance to live out your catholic faith and form a tight knit community of friends. It also gives you the chance to enjoy smallet class sizes and to have every teacher know your name.
Over all St. Cecilia has and currently preparing me for the next stages in my life. Everyone at this school is so different in everything, but we all come together to give AG2G, All Glory to God.
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Transferred to STC for my senior year and I wish I had transferred sooner! Had a wonderful experience at this school!
St. Cecilia is a community, students who have already graduated stay in touch and help out the school.
Hastings Saint Cecilia had been my building foundation of my whole life. My religious views and my faith have grown to Catholicism greatly. I miss going to school everyday at Hastings Saint Cecilia.
The rules were based off Catholic morals. There were some kids that broke rules to wear out of uniform sweatshirts because of the lack of heating. If someone else were to break the rules, it was an urge to feel cool.
Since our school is so old, we did not have a security system. However, we had a great system to keep us safe if anything were to happen. All teachers were trained to keep us safe while school was in session.
Post graduation school has been very challenging, but I am overcoming the challenges rather well while having fun. I am focusing and studying harder than I did in high school, because I have learned everything I do is crucial to my future success now.
All the teachers at Hastings Saint Cecilia have always been a parental figure to me. At times, I thought they were unfair in classes, or were just grumpy, but I have learned that they were hard on us because they see the absolute best in us and want our success! Every teacher had helped me prepare for college and my independence. I would go back to take classes from them again if I could.
Being in a school sport gives a sense of another family outside of home. Everyone works together to achieve the goal to succeed! Having someone to help you with anything varying from self-confidence to fun is the best thing anyone could ever do for one another! Being in a school sport also has helped me grown into the person I am today. The teams have taught me discipline and perseverance.
St. Cecilia has been a wonderful school in some areas and in others not so much. I love it because it taught me about my faith and made me the person I am. But, if we are talking about the school activities, sports are highly appreciated while the fine arts and drama are not.
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