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Study at SBA have been a very fun experience for me. Teacher really care about every student and they willing to help you if you need help. Moreover, there not just domestic student study there but also international student from different countries. It is very cool to be able to learn about other countries while study there. .
I am a graduating senior at St Bernards academy. The last 4 years have been a major blessing in my life. Being a part of a community full of fun and interesting people, teachers included. I've learned so much academics wise and I've learn what a normal school can't teach you. How to love one another. The school is a family. It might be hard to understand as an outsider. But when you decide to join the family, our arms are open
It's my son's first year at Saint Bernards Academy and it's the best choice I ever done for him and his future loving the school especially the staff very caring staff I will totally recommend this school to anybody that is looking for a better and brighter future for their children St Bernards is the place to be
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Best decision we could’ve made for our child. The staff is caring and it truly is a family. I’m so grateful for this school.
As a 3rd generation SB family, I can say we absolutely love St. Bernard’s! There are so many aspects that we love including the small student-teacher ratio, the rigor of the academics, the feeling of my children being in a safe environment and the family atmosphere to name just a few. The teachers truly care about the students and their lives inside AND outside the school walls.
I have been attending Saint Bernards for four years, I am currently a senior and I can tell you right now this is the school you want your kid attending. The “family” aspect of this school is real. It is not only is a great place to learn academics from some of the best teachers, but to learn life lessons from them as well, the teachers here will take the time to know you and help you one-on-one when you need it. You get to meet some of the greatest people here and make lifelong friends. I couldn’t have wished to spend my whole high school career anywhere else. I would highly recommend Saint Bernards to anyone looking for a high school for their child
I really like assisting to St. Bernard’s, I have grown inside there in all aspects and I’m very proud of being a crusader.
I have been a part of the St. Bernard’s family for many years. I have grown, academically and athletically exceeded, and truly found myself. There is no place I would of rather spent my high school years at. I love St. Bernards and I know others do to. If your family is looking for a place that your child can find outstanding teachers and staff, hardworking peers, and amazing friends that will last a lifetime, St. Bernards Academy is the place. All are welcomed in our diverse, friendly environment. We are one big family, and anyone would be lucky to join our community.
I love the family atmosphere and the connection teachers have with their students. I also appreciate the leadership opportunities for the students.
My six years at St. Bernard’s have been amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing if I did it again. It is truly and family based atmosphere where you know everyone around you cares about you and there are no strangers. I can say that I have learned many life lessons through their amazing athletic programs, and have been challenged time after time and year after year through their academics specifically their difficult AP classes.
The small student to teacher ratio made for a great learning environment that allowed for a lot of one-on-one help.
I had a great time at St. Bernard's academy all 4 years. Teachers are all very helpful and they are always there. Small classroom size is capable of so many things: field trips every week, school wide events, and in-depth group project. Being a compact school, St. Bernard's offers so many AP and honor classes. It does have a family atmosphere that helped me with so many things.
I sent all three of my kids there and they received not only a great education but a sense of community that has stayed with them long past graduation. Best decision I ever made.
I am an alumni of this school. It is a great school with a real family atmosphere. The teachers truly care about the students and go the extra mile.
Great experience, incredible staff, good art program, incredible academics, few clubs, great teachers. This school gets you very prepared for college, good sports
A great family environment that supports multiple avenues of interest for my child. This is a top notch school. Best decision I ever made. My child will be more than ready for college.
The education my children have received at SB does not compare with any other school here in Eureka. Teachers go out of their way to help each student succeed and prepare them for furthering their studies in college. They offer rigorous courses and a lot of extra curricular activity--clubs, student government, theatre and sports. St. Bernard's has a distinct family atmosphere.
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SB is a great school with a caring staff. My kids have received a great education. One of the best decisions I have ever made as a parent was sending my kids to SB.
Variety of classes could improve, definitely moving forward with college readiness and student involvement in clubs. Environment is safe and caring.
SBA is a great school community. The teachers and staff really care about the students and their success.
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