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St. Benedicts Episcopal School Reviews

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While the academics are some what good the lack if administration,accountability, substandard facility and lack of diversity makes this school one of the worst existing schools. The administration is very passive and they don’t hold any standards for the school or overall student body the administration is only interested in collecting dollars. No real development plan exist for the students, teachers, and the school overall. They won’t be around long and this is why I had to pull my child out of this school I don’t mind paying for tuition but the school definitely has to have a vision and this one doesn’t .
I have a friend who has told me how horrible this place is. First off, the leadership team” is made up of morons. All they care about is themselves. They don’t care about the students whatsoever. If they did, they would make drastic changes. They definitely care about making money....but definitely not spending any of it.
Their summer camp program is so boring and a complete waste of money. The do the same themes and activities every single year. Nothing is different. Their isn’t even an after school program. Since the school is so tiny, they don’t have any decent facilities. The school doesn’t even have a gymnasium. No gym equals no athletic program. The parents pay tons of money for absolutely nothing. The school is having major money and enrollment problems so it’ll probably be forced to close soon anyway - good riddance
The administration is next-level useless. All of the parent complaints are placated in the moment and then brushed over or hopefully forgotten soon after. There is no structure for accountability by teachers, students, or the administration. Tuition is going up at unprecedented rates given the lack of facility growth or resource access. $10k? More like $14k for the exact same pathetic excuse of an institution of learning. The school building itself is completely inadequate. There is no gym; the classrooms are overcrowded; teachers have to send students to get textbooks from other classes because there aren’t enough; students are crammed into literal closets for break out instruction, and the “PE Fields” are often mud pits infested with mosquitos. The teachers are lovely if not unsupported and unable to do their jobs because of unqualified, misguided administration. If I could have given Zero stars, I would.
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There is a very robust club program at this school, offering everything from soccer to chess to engineering to culture.
My child loves to walk into St. Benedict's everyday. He is excited to go to school, and speaks very highly of his teachers. I love that teachers can tailor the message of the lesson or the method of teaching to what my child responds best to. Children feel like individuals here, and not just a number.
The teachers at St. Benedict's go above and beyond to help children succeed. They genuinely care about nurturing the whole child. They show lots of love and support to my child every day. They communicate well and often with parents, and they engage families in the learning process.
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