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St. Benedict Preparatory School Reviews

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The school is great! Though the high school department is closing down, I enjoyed my time there. The teachers and administrator made the last senior class of the school a blast!
We discovered St. Ben’s by accident while out then 4 year old was having sensory processing issues. This school is amazing. It is warm, accommodating and encouraging. I can not recommend it enough.
We are in our 3rd year as a St. Benedict family and we couldn't be happier. Our 2nd grader absolutely LOVES going to school. She recently started in student council, in SECOND GRADE! The extracurriculars, from Running Club to Dance and Violin, there is something for every child, no matter the interest. They're making great strides in technology as well with their recent 1:1 device rollout, STEM curriculum, new cyber security as well as new safety measures puts them on the cutting edge.

The culture is fantastic as well. We quickly made lifelong friends and we can all count on each other - it takes a village.

St Bens is a fantastic school and they continue to make great strides toward becoming one of the leading private schools on the northside.
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My family has been active members of the St. Ben's community for 9 years and as we prepare to move on to high school, I definitely have some regrets about our school choice.
Pros: Great parent community, early elementary/preschool experience
Cons: No policy consistency across middle school teachers on everything from uniform/homework/grading, very slow to react on acknowledged major staff problems, most disappointing of all "community service hours" is almost completely accomplished by helping in parent car drop off line or school fundraising preparation, and not actually helping the larger community.
Just aren't preparing my child to be a caring responsible member for greater community and not preparing for higher academic expectations in high school. They set the bar low for middle schoolers which is great for academically challenged children, but not to strengthen leadership and academics of others.
We love St Ben’s! We have three kids at Ben’s and have been here for about seven years. The community is strong, engaged, generous, and supportive. The school is challenging and supportive of all kids. The school works hard to differentiate learning for each student’s individual learning needs.

Ben’s kids get accepted at all of the top SE CPS schools as well as the top private HS. We’re in excellent hands!
We have two children attending St Ben’s – 7yo in 2nd grade and 5yo in Pre-K. This is our 4th year attending and we have nothing but positive things to say. Top of the list is the community at St. Ben’s – we are not part of the Parish, but regardless we have found the community amazingly welcoming and the parental involvement is fantastic. Activities, events, etc. are supported whole heartedly. The school has also defined and implementing a strategy that includes top line technology – 1:1 devices, STEM labs, etc. The teachers and staff genuinely care – curriculum is tailored based upon student skill level.

If you are looking for a faith-based academic institution supported by a great community, then take a look at St. Ben’s.
The school is great with their education demands and it is a tight community, so all students and teachers feel welcome.