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St. Augustine Preparatory School Reviews

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Straight up the best education in south jersey, and that’s only because I haven’t met enough people from north jersey to say.
The brotherhood at the Prep is amazing. Faculty and students are a tight group working together for everyone's benefit. So glald I attended the Prep.
St. Augustine Prep is a great high school that has not only prepared me for college but the rest of my life. It has taught me how to be not only a better student but a Christian Gentlmen inside and outside of the classroom.
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Our son is smart, but not driven. He needed motivation to push him to achieve. He received excellent counseling, guidance, and academic help from the teachers and staff at St. A. Prep. We believe that, because he was neither a “brilliant” nor a “troubled” student, he would have fallen through the cracks at our local public school. Most of his teachers have been great. Some have been truly exceptional. The counselors and academic staff have been priceless.
He loves his school. Bullying at St. A is non exsistant, and all the boys support and look out for one another. It might sound corny, but they truly treat each other as brothers. He is only a sophomore, but I know the next few years will be just as great!
I had a great experience at St. Augustine Prep. The teachers cared that you learned the material, were available if you needed extra help. I felt I was well prepared for college.
St. Augustine is a great school because it is a community where no one ever feels left out and anyone can find what might interest them.
St. Augustine Prep changed my life in more ways than one. It is an excellent school with excellent teachers. You will always learn something and make lasting relationships and memories.
Saint Augustine Prep school is awesome! They push you to succeed. The teachers are great and the food is the best. I really feel they Prepared me for college. They helped me in every aspect of applying for college.
I only wish they offer more laugages.
Saint Augustine Prep has been life changing to me. For starters the resources available are great, as well as the awesome faculty. Here at the Prep students and teachers really bond and form relationships with each other. Many of my teachers have helped me get through tough times while also teaching me along the way. I love this school and will always be apart of the brotherhood.
I went here for high school and I am so happy about my decision on coming here. This school has prepared me so well in getting ready for college, I feel like I started ahead of everyone else at my school. All because I went to this high school.
This community has prepared me for college and what lies ahead in the future. The teachers and staff have made me into the Christian gentleman I am today.
The Prep is great. You get to meet people from all different backgrounds. Not every one at the school is Catholic but we are all Augustinians. Our pillars veritas, Unitas, and Caritas which mean Truth, Unity, and Love. The academics are second to none in the area. Our sports teams are one of the best in the state.
I am going into my senior year here and love everything about it, from academics to sports to friendships you will gain and the network of people you will meet is great. This school is a investment in your child's future that you wont regret.
I love how it's not just the school but an entire campus. It may not be a college campus but that slight difference makes it all the more amazing. The students are friendly in most occasions though we are all still teenagers in there. The faculty are the most understanding, amazing people, you can tell how they're there to help and actually care about your academics. That's another thing the academics there are top notch and definitely meant o challenge you and get you ready.
Great school, most people drive an hour just to attend high schoo, and you cannot match the school spirit even at a school where students live 5 minutes away from each other. It is a brotherhood.
I am a junior at St. Augustine Preparatory. My experience at this school have been amazing. As a junior I have shadowed amazing doctors through the schools Shadow Day Program. The academics is excellent. The teachers are always approchable and willing to help. I am very honored to be a Hermit.
As a Junior parent of a St. Augustine Prep Student, I have seen my son "enter as a boy to learn" and soon he will "exit as man to serve." This is their motto that best sums up his time spent at the school. Jack, my son has always been a great kid and now I'm watching him transform into a confident, bright, responsible young man ready to start the next chapter in his life. This school forms a "brotherhood" which extends to all students and families past and present. It has been a struggle financially, but well worth it. I wouldn't change a thing!
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I couldn't say enough positive things about my experience at St. Augustine Prep. I enjoyed everyday of my high school career. I felt welcome, at hom at school. I knew all of my parents personally. I was always able to get help on any subject at any time.

Lunch was great. It was better than my mom's cooking, and the cookies are the best!!
St Augustine Preparatory has been an amazing experience for me. I am grateful for the teachers who make every class interesting and fun. The staff is always available to help. The opportunities that i have experience at the prep have been second to none. Some of my opportunites have been shadowing an anesthesiologist and a Orthopedic sergion during surgery. I entered as a boy and will exit as a man.
This is truly a unique school that provides not only a quality education for the students, but it also provides a culture that allows the students to thrive and grow.
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