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Great school to bring your kids. It is truly not like other schools where kids are drinking and smoking left and right. Many/most students are focused on being better(whatever that means for them). Their athletic and arts program does need improvement but they are continuously working on improving and both programs are growing and getting stronger.
I have really enjoyed being at St. Andrew's School for the past three years. I have learned and grown so much as a person from my experiences here. The school can grow in terms of becoming more diverse but the culture is to unique here to overlook.
I accepted my offer at this school hoping that it was actually academically rigorous and I could also pursue more extra curricular activities. Academics here are average. Clubs and extracurriculars here are an absolute joke. None of them ever meet except for a few which are all led by incapable upperclassmen. The sense of seniority here is beyond the charts even though many of them are unqualified. Sports here are an even bigger joke. School preaches that there is no drugs and alcohol but that's all a lie. All the people here who end up going to good colleges have some connection or are rich. Very rarely people go to good schools based on extracurriculars and academics (there are though don't worry). People who are suspended or disciplined can get into Ivies whereas many good students end up going to some somewhat good liberal arts school. I really wish I did not choose to come here but alas I am stuck here for the next few years.
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I loved St. Andrew's School. The faculty and Staff are very attentive to you needs. The headmaster is wonderful. I enjoyed my time there.
School culture, faculty and students engagement are the best parts of the school. My son has excellent experience there, he says that’s the best gift we have ever given to him. The experience is transformative!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely love this school. The community of St. Andrews is like no other. The culture of kindness comes from within the student body, not just from the faculty. Of course, like any school, there are bad things. They keep us extremely busy and academics are very competitive, however, this is all preparing us for college. If you get the chance to come to St. Andrews, do not give that up.
Incredible, outstanding, best school out there. Honestly the most unique and inclusive environment out there.
Love this school so much. The academics here are amazing and the culture is unlike any other. 100% recommend!
St. Andrew's is a magical place! The community of students, faculty and staff is one of the most diverse and inclusive around. Students are encouraged to pursue new talents and are cared for like family by their advisors and teachers. The arts are vibrant at St. Andrew's as well as strong academics and opportunities to play so many sports and participate in a variety of extra-curricular clubs. The campus is really one of the most beautiful and serene places, sitting on hundreds of acres of sprawling fields surrounding Noxontown Pond in DE. Our child is thriving here and discovering so many new pursuits.
St. Andrew's offers an incredible and transformative journey to any student fortunate and qualified enough to attend it. The school sits on Noxontown pond, which provides not only fantastic scenery but also a great location for a spring swim or a crew race. Everything that St. Andrew's does radiates from its central mission, which is to take students from all kinds of backgrounds and make them into adults that will lead the world not only in their respective academic fields but also with empathy and integrity. I had personally made friends here that I know will support me for my entire life. Furthermore, having completed multiple challenging and thought-provoking courses here, I feel extremely prepared for college. If you are looking for a high school that will challenge you like a college and thus prepare you for it, St. Andrew's is the perfect fit for you.
This school is absolutely incredible. The culture of kindness and ethos is something that simply cannot be found anywhere else.
I have loved my experience all the way through. The teachers and faculty are there for students 100% and every student wants to be there. It can be pretty hard academically so you have to be up for the challenge though.
My time at St. Andrews has been absolutely extraordinary. The community is so welcoming and accepting of all people. The academics are rigorous, yet managable. The relationship between students and teachers is something I have never seen, for there is a mutual respect between all.
My expierence at St. Andrew’s has been extraordinary. The community is outsandingly inclusive and has made me a better person in all aspects. The acedemics are very rigorous and challenging. The wide variety of extra curricular activities allows every St. Andrean to get involved in the unique culture. The ethos of St. Andrew’s is cultivated throughout the entire school, and is represented as honorable and righteous. I cannot express how much this school has changed me in every characteristic.
St. Andrew’s is an amazing school! The community is so welcoming and inclusive, and I feel like I can talk to anybody. I’ve learned to be much more independent, and I’ve learned so much about myself and others. The academics are outstanding, and the learning style helps me think more critically. I wouldn’t change my experience for the world!
My experience at St. Andres’s Has been the best time of my life. The community here is one in a million, filled with people who have genuine connections with one another. I have never been surrounded by so many kind people. The acedemic experience at SAS has been challenging but enjoyable. I can’t not express how
only being here for a few months has shaped me into a better person.
It is truely the best boarding school in the country.
This has been a life changing experience for me. Not only are the academicas fantastic, but the unique and welcoming community is such a special aspect of the school. I fell in love with St. Andrews the first day I went. I not only grew in school, arts, and academics, but as a person in general. I have expanded my thinking skills, and have learned how to support and be aware of what others are thinking and feeling. I never thought one school could improve who I am so much.
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Loved my time at St. Andrews. Learned so much about myself while receiving an incredible education. Made life long friends and will cherish my years there.
The teachers and students are amazing!! Through my four years I was able to make connections not only with my friends, but also with my second parents, the faculty. With the help of my advisor and fellow students I was able to thrive and have an amazing time. Outside of academics program, the athletics are very strong. We have countless All-State athletes, as well as state championship teams. All in all St. Andrews is an amazing place!
St. Andrew's is a unique place that tries its best to cater to every student. Its a very small school which allows the opportunity to build close bonds with other students, teachers, and faculty. The school has a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol and for years has been upholding that standard.
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