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St. Andrews Middle School Reviews

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Great school the teachers really care about the students here. After school curriculum and scootering are such as well and make sure they get all they need to succeed
Our schools alright i feel as if they could better and do better with food ,Teachers, and better cleaning
Teachers don’t care at this school. They don’t want your child to succeed. Extremely hard to deal with. Your child will be labeled onsite.
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This is a great school it lets you be whomever you want to be and you have a lot of freedom!!!!!😁😁😂😂☺😐😃☹😅🙂😉😘😚🤗🤓😐😘😍😘😍😗😙🤗😙😗😭😅😄😃😁🤣☹😅😍😚😇😛😇😉😃🤣😁🤣😅😘🤗😛🤗🤓😐😃😁🤣😊😙🤗😇🤗😍😅😄😃😄😘😇😛😙🤓☹🤣😁😀😙🤗😜😚😍😅😃😃😙😚☹🤣😐🤗😛☹😐😋😜😍😅😄😙😚😙😐🤣😁😀😁😀😄😃😃🤣😄🤣☹☺😭🙂😙😘😇😚😋😛😇😘😉😅😄😃😄😐😉🙂
The principal works with the administration and teachers for an overall game plan for success. Also, he walks the halls and is very engaged with student learning. The PTSA works constantly for the betterment of the school and they do fundraisers to augment the established programs.
My experience at St. Andrews was not very good. I liked most of the teachers and would like to see improvements in the lunch and diversity.
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