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St. Andrew's Episcopal School Reviews

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I have had a great experience at St. Andrew's. Though there are aspects of the school than could use some work, I have enjoyed it overall.
It's a pretty small school so you can get more direct help from teachers. It is also an outdoor campus which can let you have fresh air but rainy days are difficult. The tuition is really expensive though.
I have been at this school since I was four. I grew up here, and I honestly believe that if I had gone anywhere else, I would not be the same person that I am today. It can be stressful and there is a lot of competition at the school, but it motivates students to work harder. There are many opportunities at this school that are none other like getting to go to a hospital if you take A&P, the travel abroad program, or even just the languages that are offered. I am so grateful that my parents sent me to this school. I am a senior now, and I truly believe that St. Andrew's has prepared me for life as much as it is possible to be prepared.
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St. Andrew's is a very challenging school academically with a high workload that can induce a large amount of stress at times, but now that I'm a Senior I do not feel the pressure as I had in years past when I didn't know how to deal with stress. St. Andrew's prepares you to be able to work hard in the real world and to be able to endure large amounts of stress but keep going. The school also creates a much safer and friendly community where everyone can find friends and strive as their own person.
St. Andrew's while academically challenging, has felt like a continuation of my home. Due to its small size, students are able to serve as active participants in all aspects of campus. Our teachers care about our success.
St. Andrews Episcopal School is an extremely diverse and small school that has countless opportunities that will help students think deeply and thrive in an environment that wants to see students grow.
Great community to be apart of! There is always a push to improve resources and curriculum. There is a focus on integrating technology in the classroom which sometimes hurt the learning atmosphere. Considering how fast technology changes this may no longer be the case since I've graduated. Learning is prioritized but fun doesn't get left behind. Dances were always fun to plan and promote and attend. S I wish the visual arts programs were more developed and encouraged. While I attended the art teachers really inspired me, but I wish they had better rooms and materials to work with. By the time I graduated high school, I felt very prepared for college. I do think the counselor didn't give me the time of day because I wasn't at the very top of class and I didn't want to become a doctor or lawyer. Either way I got into a top art school in the country and have an amazing job in my field.
The Saint Andrew's environment is very unique and life changing. An outdoor campus prevents students from being suffocated in a school building for several hours and the faculty are excellent.
St. Andrew's is a Family that loves each other and never will you be alone. My family has been blessed to be part of this amazing school. My son started at a 9th grader now a Senior entering a new chapter of his life that he can embrace anything for he was equipped by the wonderful teachers and coaches at St. Andrew's. Any child would be blessed and so loved to be part of this community. I would recommend anyone to reach out and consider St. Andrew's for their child's education and developmental needs.
Saint Andrew's is the most acedemically rigorous, and diverse school in Mississippi. This school is a unique place of acceptance, higher knowledge, and prestige. The beautiful outdoor campus is unmatchable and creates an ideal environment for learning!
The first three years of me being there were ok at best, it got so much better as I got older though. I was kinda forced to meet new people who had already known each other but it worked out in the end.
St. Andrew's is great school for academics as well as developing great character. The community ensures that students are able to develop good relationships as well. College counselors do a tremendous job of advising students and most teachers are very passionate about their jobs.
St. Andrew's is a great college preparatory school, and it is a liberal school based in the Christian tradition. Located in Mississippi, it is definitely a bubble of liberalism in the deep south. Most students are stressed and anxious, but they are also good time managers. Grades are almost everything to most students, but students are still involved in many clubs and sports. Kindness is key at this school!
I am a student here and they changed to a healthier alternitive for lunch and it is an amazing place to go to school!
This isn’t just a school “good for MS”. We relocated from the north. This school is top notch and can compete with the best of best private schools. (Including schools in the north) Incredibly fortunate this rare gem exists in MS. From academics, arts, athletics & a truly diverse student population, we are so pleased!!
There are so many amazing opportunities that this school provides for its students. For example, you can initiate your own club or get involved in a preexisting club, get involved in the D!Lab, become a CTTL fellow or intern, or become a yearbook editor and more.
St Andrews has amazing academics and collage prep, their test scores are very high and everyone graduates and goes to collage. The gym is amazing!!! as well as the lower campus.
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My children have attended St. Andrews since kindergarten. The parents, teachers, and students are an extended family within this extremely educational environment. I have enjoyed raising my son and daughter as happy and healthy students in this loving and supportive community.
Whether it’s St. Andrew’s academics to their extracurriculars to their facilities, they put in every effort to make sure that they are doing their very best!
My family and I have sacrificed more than most in order to attend St. Andrew's, and I believe it was worth it in every way. I live more than an hour away from the school, but the atmosphere of open-mindedness and academic excellence, unparalleled by any other institution in the state, would be worth traveling twice that. My St. Andrew's experience has done more than anything else to broaden my horizons, both as a student and as a person; it has opened my mind to the broader world in a way that I never would have thought possible had I stayed at home. While it has it's flaws, like all schools do, it is truly an exceptional school, and I am proud to call myself a St. Andrews Saint.