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I like the programs that they have, like the one called After School Matters which has all kinds of different programs and could also get pay for being in that program participating. Spry Community Links also have other class programs that is part of a grade that all students need to take and pick either cooking class, graffiti, sports, film, etc, its for after classes.The good thing is that it's a three year school programs, students are able to graduate one year earlier, but they also need to come to school during the summer. What I like is that on Fridays teachers takes us to field trips. What I didn't like is that for especial ed students, it's the whole four year of school which means they also need to come during the summer too.
Its a good school, that is a three year high school. Thee only thing is that it dosent have a lot of resources or fundings to do a lot of activities. It dosent prepare you for college since they dont have funding to have more advanced classes you would have to do it in your free time if you want to do advanced work or make advanced work for yourself. The teachers support you fully , its just the funding and some of the students that are in the school that don’t really care about school, which brings down funding and educational ranking.
I have attended Spry Community Links for 2 years and am currently attending my last year as a senior. My experience has not been the best, so there are a couple of things I do not like, but there are a couple that I am okay with. I believe the school needs a major makeover, from the principal, some of the staff, to the policies. I feel like the the staff should care more about our education and things outside relating to us, our culture and beliefs. I believe the policies should be focused on more things, not just one topic. What I do like, is the school is small, so you can easily get to know more other students, as well as the teachers.
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My experience in Links, wasn't the best, but wasn't the worse. I believe their should be more diversity in their school, and re-located to another building or their own building. I can' complain the years went by fast. The principle should be more involved and teachers should be more experienced.
Honestly my experience in Links it's amazing, the teachers know how to help us and they know when we need help. My favorite was how ROTC helps us in college and they all want the best for us.
Spry Community Links is a small high school of about 300 students or less. We're all like family and always support each other. The teachers and counselors are always motivating us and telling us about new opportunities that are available for us. They're really patient with us and give us opportunities to keep up our grades. They also give us work that will help us prepare for the SAT. They always give us advice as well.
what I like about this school is that its a three year high school which means you you get to graduate early but the catch is there going to take some of your summer but its a good things to be in here and also. Its a small high school which means classes are a bit small but you feel coftorable with students and teachers.
What can I tell you about the best High School experience? Well my experience in this high school was great. Not the high school experience every one expects, the high school dream we see on movies. A very small school, small enough to know every one. The best teachers who care so much about every single individual and willing to help with anything. What I like about this high school is the people around and mainly the environment. What I would like to see change from this school is for this school to have a building of its own.
I really enjoyed my time here at this school. I met a lot of amazing people who have helped me through a lot when I was at my worst. Everyone is extremely supportive and won't let you give up easily. There isn't much drama around as there was in my elementary schools. The teachers are just as amazing as the friends I've made. They completely changed my perspective of what teachers are and what they do. They actually care about your success and want nothing more than to see that happen. The only thing I'd change about this is the violence around the school. I know it isn't the school's fault, but I just wish the neighborhood wasn't so bad.
Spry Community Links High School offers a three year program. Students are able to graduate a year before their expected, traditional four year graduation date. Something I wish I could change is the fact that we share buildings with the Boys and Girls club and an elementary school.
Good school it is only 3 years and really fun. Little school you get to get more connected with your teachers. They are always their to help you out if you are struggling with something. They always make time to stay after school or to come in before school. We also have good sports. We have a JROTC programs witch is also very good and gives you good opportunities to get to do new things.
its a small high school. We don't have the best teachers but they do try hard to get us prepared to graduate.
I do not really participate in any after school activities.
So far, I've really enjoyed this school. At first I felt left out and lonely because my other classmates already knew each other from elementary school and I didn't go to their school. It wasn't really hard for me to make friends though. I've made new and wonderful friends who care for me like no one else ever did. I would go to this school again if I could do it all over because I would want to re live all the moments with my friends. Like the field trips and school dances. I know that I will miss this school when I graduate.
Of course like some teachers have favorite students, I also have favorite teachers. They take their time to explain everything thoroughly and make sure that everyone in the class has an idea of how what is being taught works. Some teachers have troubles controlling their students, and some students are disrespectful, but that's their problem. Overall I think that many students like this school and get a good learning experience from it.
My school is very small, so everyone can get to know each other. It being very small also helps students be more themselves and be more active in school activities, as well as getting more support from our teachers and even principle daily.We are almost like a family in community Links and i think that is perfect.
This school has clubs on Friday and students get to choose what they want to be in. There are sometimes sports that students can join. Students can go to the Boys and Girls club and do anything in there.
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We don't really have any field. The gym and the swimming pool is in the Boys and Girls Club and you need to sign up for it, but it's free for high school students.
You could get a one on one with a teacher, you could graduate a year early and there is a summer school that all students have to attend to, so they could take some summer classes.
It's like clean, the food's okay, but there aren't a lot of food options.
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