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Typical middle school; okay facilities (bathrooms could use some work) and we get iPads. However, there is a lot of group punishment. If the teachers put in minimal work, they would be able to locate the perpetrators of misbehavior. Instead, they decide to punish the entire grade (and the people who did nothing wrong). They implemented a new program recently called second step, and it teaches "social and emotional skills" (when in reality, 99% of the student body knows what they are and how to implement them) and they completely obliterated the little work time we had. X-block (which had been our only free time) is now a separate, ungraded class. It's pointless; there's nothing substantial in it and would be much better spent as a period for homework. Other than that, food is decent, most teachers are great, curriculum is fine.
Springman teachers, and other staff members make Springman feel like home. Especially for me, as I was coming from another country, they were very helpful through my process of learning english and adapting to a new culture.
hard classes that prepare for high school
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Most of the teaches at this school are educated and know how to do their jobs properly.
There are clubs that you can join if you have extra time, but between all the school work it can be challenging.
There has been diversity in the recent years. It is not ALL white rich families, like it was a couple years ago.
My overall experience was great. It was tough getting good grades, but it paid off in the end.
The school is located in one of the most affluent suburbs in all of Illinois. There is little threat to safety.
There are salads, soups, variety of hot lunches and chips. There are also naked smoothies and other drinks available.
There are x block times offered when students want to go in and receive extra help.
There are a lot of sports offered, and coaches are always there to encourage students.
Administrators are constantly roaming the halls and checking up on things.
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