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There's a lot of leadership opportunity. There are opportunities in arts, student government, science, foreign languages, and more.
This highschool is definitely very unique in quite a few ways. The main uniqueness is that it is fairly diverse and international. Minorities are a majority at this school and they come from all kinds of backgrounds and countries. The building is very old and has not been updated in 40 years but, it is still functional for most things. The teachers are fairly well trained and most of them have been working at spring brook for a few years. There are many types of people at Springbrook and it will be no problem to find a friend group that suits you best.
Springbrook High School allows its students to immerse themselves into a diverse and rigorous learning environment, with teachers and staff that are focused on overall education and safety. It offers programs such as the AP program, IB program, and Dual Enrollment, giving students a variety of paths and focus areas to choose from. I enjoyed my high school experience at Springbrook High school because of the focused educational pathway I was able to choose, and because of the support from my teachers and the Springbrook staff.
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Springbrook High School is an amazing school. I transferred as a sophomore and everybody is friendly. The problem is that it has an old building and it is not big as other school in our district. Our football team is not that successful. The track team is better. There are a lot of people who will help through high school and prepare you for college. There IB program is also amazing. A person who participate in this program is most probably going to get a scholarship.
I enjoy springbrook because of the variety of backgrounds of the students and teachers. Many school leaders are committed to educating in a broad and complete way.
Very welcoming community that allows for people from all backgrounds to find a place to become who they are and allows all students to thrive in both academics and whatever they choose as their path.
It has some great teachers that care an unbelievable amount about the success of the students in every aspect of the students lives
I like that people can be themselves around other people. I also like that people don’t judge you. It a good school
Springbrook doesn't live up to its "bad" reputation, but it could really be a better school. Everything is average really, except the fact that the school basically pressures you into doing AP or IB.
Springbrook is a great school because it has great teachers and a place for everyone. It's also very accepting of every type of person, such as members of the LGBTQ+ community. I would like to see more things to be done about teachers that are known by everyone to be bad teachers, especially those that affect their students emotionally.
I like the environment, i like that they alot of thing you can participate in. The teacher can help you with school thing and outside school thing too.
Teachers and students at Springbrook are very friendly and helpful. You can always find a friend there. Rarely is anyone ever bullied. Some students would even hug and befriend with students with special needs.
I like the diversity of Springbrook High School because you are able to meet many different people from different backgrounds.
I love Springbrook High School because of the wonderful staff, family-like student body, rigorous classes offered, and the valuable support and love given by all of the teachers and counselors. All of these qualities have made Springbrook High School a great school for me.
I have attended springbrook high school for 4 years. I have seen my amazing and terrible events that happen here. I love this school with a passion. One thing I want to change is the school as in to get it renovated.
The best thing about Springbrook is the arts. They're considered the "hidden jewel" of the school because the arts is not as widely promoted as our other academic programs. There are lots of different career pathways, but the most overrated ones are IB and AOIT. Lots of students have been forced to take IB and AOIT classes and taken out of electives such as symphonic band. However, the arts at Springbrook is the reason why most students choose to come to Springbrook.
Springbrook High School is an incredible high school. It was rated 4/5 stars from the county board in terms of what it has to offer. Springbrook is an IB school that lives up to it's reputation. Incredibly challenging courses that offer a lot of benefit in the future if one is tenacious enough to seek the regiment. In terms of education, the school and the teachers are wonderful. In my experience, all of my teachers have done a great job at doing what it is that they need to and I don't have any abrupt bad things to say about the teachers. The school lunches are sub-par though, and that's for sure. The lunches aren't the healthiest but they aren't the most sugar-ious either. It's just barely mediocre, but I'd say it's sub-par. The building is old but it's not infested with any rodents of such sort.
It is a majority-minority school within Montgomery County Public Schools, so it kind of has the benefits of both. Students and staff alike are surrounded by a diverse group of students while also getting a fair amount of resources from the county. Many students take for granted the special environment Springbrook has to offer, but the couple of hidden gems that are the teachers, paired with the diversity of the students and the general location of the school, it is a great place to have a child attend high school.
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In all honesty, my time at Springbrook thus far hasn't been as terrible as everyone seemed to think it would be. But that is only because I work my hardest to excel in school. One of the biggest problems with the school is how the teachers only help and focus on students who are already doing well. This means the top 10% gets all the opportunities and support that need to succeed. This leaves everyone else falling farther and farther behind. This may be due to the lack of resources the school has access to (the school is very poorly funded by the county), which would leave only a few opportunities to give, but also many of the teachers seem to lose hope in students that don't prosper from the very beginning. This is how it is at many schools, but because of the lack in funds and resources, the situation is far worse.
I LOVE THE DIVERITY!!!! Theres many different races at Springbrook, making the learning more engaging and allowing an open minded view on certain topics.
I like Springbrook High School because of the opportunities it gives us as students. Although the school could use some improvements. The school hasn't been rebuilt since it was built in the 50's. Overall the school is a good experience and has many academic options and has programs that help students learn about their future careers and what they might want to do with their lives.
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