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Spring Valley was very diverse compared to other schools in the district. The hallways are always bright and clean providing for a great learning environment. All of my teachers were super encouraging towards students and wanted the best for them. One thing I didn't like was that girls were given dress code violations way too often, taking away from their academic experience if they had to be sent out of the classroom. I also didn't like having resource officers present because I thought they were unnecessary, but that's my personal opinion. Otherwise, Spring Valley has a lot of great resources, forums, and workshops held to help students not only get into college but also help them get the financial aid they need.
Great school with teachers that are very helpful, and they care about their students. Spring Valley is diverse, so there will always be someone you can become friends with. Our athletics are average, we win some games, and we lose some games. The best part of this school is that everyone has a really good school spirit which means everyone is proud to be a viking.
I really enjoyed my experience at Spring Valley High School. The teachers and staff are amazing at what they do, and they always have the best interests of their students at heart. As well, the magnets at Spring Valley are extremely valuable and do an excellent job of creating an advanced learning environment in the school. If I were to change one thing about Spring Valley, it would be for the district to provide a more diverse selection of classes for the students to take.
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Auschwitz! Horrible experience. Dictator like teachers, bullying, horrible food, depressing, stressful, and corrupt. If you want to go here please be very careful when choosing classes.
I like the Discovery Magnet Program at Spring Valley because it teaches the students how to make an effective argument, which can be very helpful for college.
When coming into high school, I had very high hopes. I was going into a new school with new people, new rules and new experiences. My freshman year of high school will probably be my favorite year in high school because everything was so different and fresh. I went to my first high school football game, my first homecoming game, joined my first club, got to experience pep rallies with all the upperclassmen, and got to meet new people throughout the year. Now that I'm starting my junior year I can honestly say that my sophomore year will probably be my worst year. In the beginning of my first week of sophomore year, one of my best friends left and went to private school. The teachers started to become more stricter and it started to feel like middle school. And then I started to become depressed because I felt like I was always going to be the second friend .Then quarantine started and I can honestly say that because of my sophomore experience I would gladly stay home my junior year.
What I like about this school is that most of the teachers are very passionate about their students and work. Some even go as far as to take time away from their lunches and breaks to make sure a student understands a concept to the best of their abilities. While this may be true and so much more, there are also a couple of things that I'm not very fond of for example their clothing system. I feel like the clothing system of this school is discriminatory towards the female gender. Other than that and a couple of other minor things that are easily fixable I would recommend this school to about anyone.
I believe Spring Valley High school is the best school in our city. We have great athletes, smart students and a fantastic student council. Something our school can improve on is student involvement and our arts programs. Spring Valley offers so many clubs and they are very welcoming with open arms. I feel like if more students participated, more students would find school to be enjoyable. Spring Valley has great music programs but can improve a lot woth their art and drama programs. As a member our the drama department, I can say that we have very talented students and great director. We can improve a lot if we had more. That starts with funding and student involvement. I look at other schools and see there drama program and Im blown away. It makes me feel a certain because I know Spring Valley is more than capable of doing it.
I attended Spring Valley High School for all of my four years and loved the academics. Their magnet programs are very helpful in preparing students for college readiness and real world encounters such as conducting research projects and/or doing outside internships. The sports are okay it just depends on the team that year. SV just needed to have more variety year to year with its spirit activities.
The school is nice and clean but it gets really crowded sometimes. I am also apart of one of the magnet and I feel like it has no use besides the internship. You would think you take higher level classes in a magnet, but they´re still making us take CP classes. That is affecting my GPA and class rank (even though I am getting high grades in the class). Some of the teachers are annoying. But, overall, the school is really great. The best high school in Richland Two.
I loved everything about it. The staff is great. The teachers and administrations want the best for their students. Everyone is kind and respect one another.
Spring Valley has a wonderful atmosphere and a joyful environment. The people make it a great as it is and the campus is vast and spacious.
I was a women’s basketball player at Spring Valley High School. I was also a part of the math and science magnet program. I loved the diversity of the school and how it pushed me to be prepared for college on and off the basketball court.
I love the academic opportunities at Spring Valley. I have been able to prepare for college by taking college-credit courses, tuning into college information sessions, and developing relationships with many of the staff. There are also so many extracurricular opportunities such as clubs and community events. For example, Winter Days is the biggest community event that Spring Valley hosts each December. We partner with a school that is underfunded and in need of resources and organizations around Columbia that give back to the community. It is an amazing time to see the student body come together.
My favorite experience at Spring Valley Was celebrating pajama day and spirit week in participating in homecoming games
I have attended SVHS for 4 years and I am about to graduate as a senior. My first year at spring valley was great. It was really easy to find friends and make relationships with teachers, we are all like one happy family. However Admin is not great and is very selective on who they pick to give punishments to, and I do not recommend this school if you don’t like feeling as if you are in middle school again. And you get detention for the most littlest thing . But overall I give the school a 4 out of 5 stars . Its a good school but could change some things up. I am happy to be graduating and don’t wish I went anywhere else , however when it comes to academics standards In class and amount of consequences given out we were very high compared to other schools in the district and it made going there hell sometimes.
I've truly enjoyed my time at Spring Valley High School. The faculty is full of people who care about each student, and work with them to make sure they are successful. They are so passionate about their work and helping students with future decisions, and love to celebrate achievements of each student. Going to school, I feel cared for and I know that no matter what, I can turn to teachers and guidance counselors for help with anything. The personal connections I've made in high school will follow me throughout college, and I am so thankful!
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Spring Valley High School is a great school! I love the teachers and staff. The academics are wonderful.
I liked most of the teachers and the environment. I liked where the school was surrounded by and all the friends I made. I liked the different activities the school had planned for us.
The teachers at Spring Valley are amazing. There are plenty of programs to join and the community is quite embracing.
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