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The school was pretty decent and there were some good teachers and good students within the school. I wish there was better school lunch and a little longer break in between classes.
It is a magnificent looking school as the janitors do a fantasticate job of keeping the school clean and updated. There is a great amount of diversity where teachers make sure to get students to interact and make sure all students are felt welcomed. Spring Mills is a high academic school in the state of WV with some of the smartest students in the entire state. School events are very well organized and student ran clubs are dedicated at making the most of school events. There is a great amount of parent involvement from school events to academics as ell as boosters. Spring Mills High School makes sure to get the entire community involved in supporting this outstanding school. Spring Mills follows there motto in making sure these are the students of the future!
My experience at this school has been amazing since my freshman year. This school has help me with anything like being in clubs or sports. I have been in marching band since this year for my fourth year and it has been the best experience because of all the football games to competitions which are pretty exciting and fun.
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Spring Mills High School is an amazing school with a great, energetic atmosphere! All the teachers are very welcoming and caring. Bullying is a very rare occurrence in our school. All problems are dealt with professionally by administrative personal. Our school has arguably the best school spirit in Berkeley County!
I have loved my time as a Spring Mills Cardinal because of my involvement with the school's FFA chapter. I have been on the officer team for two years, have been able to compete at the state and national level, and have met so many amazing people in and out of our community because of this organization. The only thing that I didn't like at spring mills was the lack of recognition for anyone who doesn't play sports. Our FFA chapter had 1st place state winners every year in various competition, but they were never recognized by the staff or student body.
Spring Mills High School is fairly new, so it's very clean. They have good rules, and they're very structured. They have a great staff. I wouldn't change anything.
Ive been with this school since it opened. Two of my boys have attended here, Great environment, beautiful facilities, outstanding teachers!
Spring Mills High School is an excellent school with superb leaders and educational opportunities. The objective of this school is to prepare students for the future, whether it's college, military, or entering directly into the workforce. Valuable resources are available to help students prepare and transition into the next phase of their lives.
My experience at Spring Mills high school is just very average. Its my home school so i love it , but theres also a good many things i would fix about it.
I've very much enjoyed my time I've been enrolled here at Spring Mills High School. The faculty is very friendly and easy to talk to about anything. The only thing I think should change is the STEAM academy they offer. I wasted a year of my high school life doing nothing it offered.
Spring Mills High is an amazing school. I've met some great people along my journey which will be coming to an end in 2019. (Class of 2019) Overall, I'm mostly pleased that I got to spend my high school years here. Though I do wish the administration would improve their communication skills with other schools and throughout the school.
I think that Spring Mills is a well run school for only being open for a couple years and having staff come from all other schools. It is hard to have a lot of school spirit since we are a school full of students who were supposed to be going to a different school in the district. The only thing I wish would change is the school spirit. Everything else is good.
Spring Mills provides a lot of opportunities and resources for those who attend it to be successful. Spring Mills has multiple programs, classes and clubs that allow the students to gain interest and build on what they know. What Spring Mills does lack is the staff, dedication, and safety procedures. Being located next to a Walmart that sells firearms to 18 year olds without a permit...I think that'd be warrant for more than 1 security officer.
Spring Mills High School allows all students to feel like they’re a part of something. Whether that’s sports, a club, or any other extracurricular, anyone can find an activity they’ll enjoy and be an active member of. Despite having little diversity, there are always opportunities for people to celebrate their differences.
Spring mills high is great school. With its wonderful academic work and wonderful teachers , it’s a great school to go to. The school is well kept and extremely clean. The faculty make students feel at home and like they can talk to anyone about anything.
I am a junior at Spring Mills High School!! I've experienced so much that people haven't. There is barely any diversity. I have Learned to keep my head down because in high school people change I changed. Just this year we have received a knew Principal, so the school is still developing.
The administration was harsh, as a high school student you expected to be able to have more freedom than you did in middle and elementary school at spring mills it was the complete opposite. There was no freedom it was like going to a military school. There was constant bullying and very little diversity.
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My son is in 12th grade I have no problems. If I talk to teachers they respond back fast and the focus on students. It's wonderful school
Going into high school with new classmates and teachers is sometimes tough but since I walked into spring mills high school I always felt welcomed. I never felt judged by anyone or bullied because mostly everyone is very accepting of each other and enjoy having each other company. The school has a good learning environment setting students for present and future success. The school itself is very clean and brand new. I mean who doesn't like going to a new school. Spring mills high school is only 4 years old. If I had to change some things I would only change the lunches we get. They aren't the best. I would like to have healthier and tastier lunches.
I really enjoy how clean and friendly my school is, not to mention the amazing staff and faculty. If I'm ever in need of something my teachers always help me, and it truly feels like a family at Spring Mills!
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