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Great teachers & programs, safe school in a good neighborhood. Sports overall are great. Math department is less than great, teachers seem to not care if the students learn or just get through it. Other programs are strong, overall would recommend
At Sprague High School there are very friendly students and teachers. I was able to become close to all of my peers and teachers because of the decent size classrooms and there are plenty of elective choices for any interest that I had.
I have enjoyed my time at Sprague, it has allowed me to develop as a person and benefit from the opportunities around me. My school tries very hard to provide opportunities to better myself and the school.
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I've gone to Sprague High School for all of my High School experience and though I'm not impressed with every aspect of the school, I do like it. In terms of teachers, there have certainly been a few I've strongly disliked but overall most of them are very good. My AVID teacher (Advancement Via Individual Determination / College Readiness) is the best teacher I have ever had by far. The academics are really good, depending on what class and teacher you're assigned to. The school has a lot of opportunities in terms of student engagement and has a great deal of work to get to a good place, there. There is often a disconnect between teachers and students, and a majority of the current students create a toxic environment. The food is not good, and lunches are very crammed. Overall, Sprague excels in sports and academics, lacking in all other areas (despite a few exceptions).
A good school, lots of poor teachers and very little help. Lots of electives and good partnership with CTEC but overall, school itself is bad. Gym locker rooms get things stolen, bathroom stalls don't lock properly, students are druggies, other students are just closed minded.
I loved the sports here, I played three for four years including football, wrestling, and track. I have had great experiences with the coaches and my teammates. I did not enjoy much else of the school including the student body.
Attending Sprague High school was the worst four years of my life. The only time I wasn't anxious or stressed was during break when I could pretend I wasn't going back the following week. Multiple teachers don't understand that students have lives outside of school and things happen. If I didn't have a place to escape to when I got home I wouldn't have made it out of high school.
Overall I thought that my educational experience at Sprague went well. Almost ever teacher I had did an awesome job at preparing me for my college experience.
Sprague is a decent high school. Although, I feel that it could be improved in the coming years, especially concerning food, and their sports program. I feel like the variety of food options has been lacking, especially for those with diet restrictions and otherwise. Furthermore, I believe that there is not much emphasis put into being a student-athlete and many "prized" athletes are not held to the same standard as everyone else. Additionally, and although I'm not sure exactly how this can be counteracted, there is not much diversity which can sometimes lead to feelings of exclusion.
Sprague has great sports, clubs, ect. We have a place for everyone here. Teachers are always going out of their way to help their students and to make sure that we sucseed.
The staff was friendly and pushed me to do my best at all times. The majority of students were also amazing and made me feel at home! Only problems were a few teachers were less than stellar and the events were slightly lame.
Graduated in 2015. Things have really changed since I have been in high school. More AP classes and student clubs. I would like to see more relevant field trips and more resources of students who do not plan to go to college.
Sprague is a large school that invites many teenagers to explore what they're interested in while being guided and assisted by teachers and other students. In the future, I hope that the orchestra can be in an actual room rather than a glorified closet.
Sprague High School has experienced a lot of hardship over the last year through student and local middle school teacher suicides. We lost 4 people close to our community in one year. The way the school and community came together helped improve the atmosphere of our school and how we treat each other. The staff improved in helping students the students improved on how we treat each other. The academics at Sorague has always been excellent with high participation in the AP program. But academics isnt everything. Sprague is a community that makes you want to learn.
I enjoyed my time at Sprague High School. One of the ways I was able to best meet my needs was to be an advocate for myself, working closely with the administration to get into the classes with the teachers that would help me learn the most. Most of the teachers that I had classes with had a passion for the subject they taught and were willing to help students that took the time to ask questions, stay after school or come in early when they needed to understand something better. Sprague excels in sports and music programs, frequently winning state championships.
it is a very clean school and all of the teachers and staff really strive for excellence and want all of the kids to put forth their best work. they want every child to walk out of High school with the most skills possible to achieve the best in whatever area they walk into.
My experiences over my four years changed over time. I tried many different activities and I was glad that Sprague allowed me to do that. Faculty and staff are great and are all easy to talk to which allows for students to be more open with teachers.
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What I enjoyed the most about Sprague high school was the teachers and how much they care for your future. Many of the teachers there will help you with whatever you need in order for you to graduate with the necessary knowledge overcome college and prepare you for what's to come in the future. Since they have already been through college they are more than willing to help students and share what they have learned and how the student can be better than them when they get accepted. Throughout my high school career, I was able to learn so much not just from academics but also life lessons that I will carry with me to college and my career.
The people are mean, but any high school has bullies. The admin and teachers take care of you like you're their own and I wouldn't make it through without them. The classes are okay but the teachers are what make this school so great.
Sprague High School was a good high school overall. I do wish there was more help for becoming college ready, as they never helped me with understanding the importance of grades and planning for college. The clubs and sports are good though. I really enjoyed my time on my various teams. The education is good as well - teachers really do seem to care about you.
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