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Sports Leadership & Management (Slam) Charter Middle School Reviews

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Slam has no noticeable problems apart from the fact that I and many others have not received noticeable attention to our choice on what classes we want to take. The counseling department is very stubborn when it comes to that, depending on whether or not you have a good relationship with them.
SLAM in its entirety is a fantastic school with many unique opportunities to offer. My experience has been an amazing one.
SLAM is the type of school that you wouldn't want to put your children into. The school administration is very rude to the students and doesn't care about them. The education is alright but as of right now there is no algebra 2 and calculus teacher. The students aren't learning anything from their teachers and are expected to pass the SAT and ACT soon. bad school.
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SLAM was my highschool for senior year and overall the teachers and administration were very nice and caring. Highly recommend for athletes.
What I like about SLAM as everyone says it, is the teachers interactions with their students. Most of the teachers I’ve hd shown so much interest in my futures goas and wanting them to become realization. The only aspect that can change with the school is the student life meaning pep rally’s and other students activities.
Teachers are young. Most are in their early to late 30s. Must wear uniform, cannot wear anything else that isn't school related attire. Mostly every student is in some type of after school actvity or sport.
I was very involved in my school from being on the soccer team to being in the student government. I had the absolute best time there! My teachers were so nice and very helpful with my school work.
It still needs much improvement. They needs to enforce their rules better. They only rule they really enforce is jackets, which isn't really that important.
What I like about slam is the people and just the group of kids if your part of a club or a sport especially and just the gymnasium and how this school is growing year by year
My experience in Slam Miami has been okay I didn't really have an high school experience, the school is small so i got the chance to connect with teacher and students. A lot can be change, Education wise and sports wise
This is my first time attending this school, honestly, is one of the most beautiful schools that I ever seen. I came from a school that only had two floors, and when I saw SLAM, that has seven, I was chocked. I love that the school is about sports, I'm not the best at them but I like to play them. I wish that the school would change in terms of welcoming new students, the teachers and administration should teach the other student to be more friendly with the new students, but in general it's a really good school.
They are a good school with great teachers that help you.The teachers really care about the students and for them to success.SLAM is the first schoop I have gone to were they relate class work with sports and make it more engaging in class room activities.Slam has very good parent involvement they contact are parents if anything is wrong and have parent nights and schedule parent and teacher meetings.
The faculty only cares about the money they get from accepting so many students.
Not really the high school experience I expected, i feel like i missed out on a lot, but cant really say much because it is a new school
Seems to want to help, but when you ask for help gets mad
The school doesn't pay close attention to the people coming in and out, or its surroundings.
The sports program is great, being a sports school. The clubs, on the other hand, are of less quality and population.
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This school has a lot to work on, being a new school.
The teachers at this school are very involved and dedicated to their job. They do their best to make sure the students are on the right track, as well as caring for each one individually.
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