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A smaller school so you get the chance to know everyone. The teachers are also very personable and friendly.
Spiro is a great school. The teachers and faculty members always greet you with a smile. They are more than happy to help you with anything, rather it be school, family, or relationship problems. Spiro is not a big town so the school doesn't have much funding, which leads to poorer classroom conditions.
I liked the class size and the personal help the teachers give. Like to see more preparation for homework in college.
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Spiro High School does not have much to offer, but it is overall a good school. You get to know the teachers on a personal level because it is such a small building. However I wish there were more classes offered such as Art, French, and AP classes.
Spiro high school is a good place to go for the band program. Although they could use better buildings
Personally, I feel like the atmosphere at SHS is very welcoming. I have never seen any bullying. However, academics could use a lot of improvement.
I love the home feeling there is at Spiro Public Schools. It's not necessarily a small school and it's not a big school. It's just the right size.
The small setting provides strong friendships, and you will never be left behind. Your voice can be heard through the halls. It's culturally diverse and there's a place for everybody.
I like that I have went to Spiro school my whole life. I have a lot of friends there and I love my teachers. They truly do care about their students and their well being. If I had one thing to change about my school it would be the lunches. Some of the food is okay but it could be a lot better!
There are many different options when students want to join a club such as: BPA, FCCLA, Art Club, Spanish Club, FCA, and a few others.
Although some of the teachers don't seem to are about their students, the teachers that do care really make up for it. They will make sure your grades don't get low in classes that they don't teach.
In my Sophomore year of high school it seemed that only about half the teachers really tried to help their students. The other half were only doing the bare minimum to keep their job.
Our school is relatively safe even though we have very limited security. Many students in our school are bullied, and I think that some students don't even realize they are bullying. The school nurse is okay. The buildings aren't very clean and there are germs everywhere. There are no health programs or resources.
We don't have very many clubs and we have no after-school activities. The few clubs we do have don't do much and aren't very fun.
My overall experience at this school has been great. It is in a small town so everyone always comes together to make sure things are running properly.
The teachers at my school are all great at what they do and always go the extra mile to help students in need.
I would probably choose to go to a different school if I had a choice of any. We don't have enough activities and I remember a lot of bullies and stuck up people at my school. This school isn't really unique because it's like most others. Most teachers here are religious which makes them mostly nice. I don't think teachers can distinguish between lazy students and students that are hurting.
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I have gone to this school my entire life and it has mostly been boring. Most lessons are a struggle to get through even though I am smart. I hate going to school because it isn't interesting and teachers only seem to slightly care about me as a student. I wish we had more interesting classes to take.
The High school has only one hallway who his always logged.

The cafeteria is shared by k-12 so the kindergarten era must eat lunch at 10:30, then not

receive a snack until after 3:00 when they get home, and high school doesn't eat until 12:30

Yet state mandates no snack sales so for 5 hours we have no brain food.
The athletics at Spiro are probably the best thing about the school in most everyone`s opinon.
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