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People were very polite in the crowded halls, always saying sorry even if you slightly bumped into each other. It was a normal, laid-back school. The field trips could've been more interesting, though. And sometimes the teachers acted weird towards me because of the unbalanced diversity in the school.
Sparks High School is located in a lower income area of Sparks/Reno, NV. Facilities are not the most cutting edge compared to other local schools. Teachers and instructors are very dedicated to education. Sports and extracurricular activities are highly encouraged.
Sparks High School really stands for bleeding maroon and gold. It’s a school where all the staff and especially the admin take the time to get to know there students not just in there schoolwork, but personal lives. It’s a very supportive school to there students and sports ! We got the best soccer team in the state, the best leadership team in the state, the best cheerleading team in the state, the best assistant principal in the state and not to mention the best principal in the state. (Everyone of those have been recognized as is). One thing I would like to see happen is changes in our fields and a bigger weight room to prepare everyone for there sports but not only that for whoever is going to move on into college to play. I would like to see more hands on tech at school in certain classes also. Other than that my 4 year experience at sparks was unforgettable!
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Sparks High School students and staff are all like a huge family. Everyone is kind to each other and the teachers genuinely care for their students.
My experience in Sparks High School was great the building still has its traditional looks for the building. It even has a train on the football field. The school is small but it's very easy to locate classes. It has its solar panel in the parking lot. Everything important is in front of the school like office police officers and the facility staff. Teachers are well for helping out students, there rare occasions fight breaks out. Where known to have the best soccer team for our district we have CTE programs and AP and H classes. We all get together to have assembles and to have fun and teachers also interact with.
I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience at Sparks High. I love how close and involved the students and even the staff can be. Once a railroader, always a railroader.
I moved to Nevada from Hawai'i and I'm still getting used to the environment here. The diversity here is beautiful, it's like nobody cares where you came from but as long as you show respect to one another then respect will come back to you. This school isn't perfect but it is safe to be yourself. We have LGBTQ people in our school and nobody seems to be bothered. Although Sparks High has it's perks of being a respectable school, it also has it's downfall. I noticed every time I want to see my counselor she is either with someone and I need to wait in line or she's not in her office. Even though I schedule a meeting she still doesn't show up. With all that being said I think it would be better to have more than one counselor in our school. It'll make things easier for everyone including our counselor.
I love the teachers that work here they care about your grades, they might be hard on you sometimes but they do it to push you into achieving your goals.
The school is tiny but sometimes my classes are on opposite ends, because of these some teacher will let you be a couple minutes late because they know there class is far away. The teachers are the best part of this school. i haven't joined too many sports but the ones i have are amazing even though they aren't ask popular as soccer or football talking about tennis,swimming, and bowling. everyone who joins sport gives 100% on everything they do. i couldn't picture being in another school, i belong here.the only thing i wish could change is the meetings with our counselors, it takes a long time too meet with them because they are always occupied.
Sparks high schools an amazing school. It is the most diverse school I have ever bee to and it is the oldest the oldest school in Washoe County. The teachers are very spirited and most are even graduates of sparks high. Although sparks being one of the oldest highschool in the area, we have plenty of well funded programs suchas the Europe trip Abroad program where a group of students travel to europe every year.
We have a large community and heart, there is barely any drama, cliques don't exist here. The people either love each other or leave each other alone, which creates an effective classroom. The faculty actually cares and speaks to us like people, instead of a teacher-student relationship its more of a mentor-mentee relationship. The only downfall to going here was the budget cuts due to our low-income area. Other than that I couldn't see myself going to school anywhere else.
Sparks High school is awesome!!! The diversity of students is insane, different cultures all together in one school. The academics are also great. In my class (class of 2017) 60 students including myself graduated with an Honors diploma. The teachers are great too, they care for their students and are always there to help us succeed. There are many clubs and the student involvement in each one of them is huge. The Administration is also great. They also give us lots of advice to be better students. The students are all from different backgrounds and cultures which makes Sparks high the most diverse in Washoe County. Each year we do an event called “Night of All nations” where we celebrate all the different cultures from around the world with music and FOOD!!! And different dances of the world. The student involvement is also huge, we are really involved in school events and assemblies. Our assemblies are filled with entertainment, music and games.
I went to Sparks high all four years, most of the staff was great! Technology classes were great. The artistic classes were good but some teachers didn’t care. Students were very stubborn most of the time. Terrific administration!
I honestly loved that school. The administration was of what I have to say The best teams ever.They maintained the halls during lunch and on a daily basis. The environment was happy and playful but when necessary strict and stern.
Sparks High is a very accepting school for all cultures. They accept one another and it is a safe community. Being on campus always feels safe, the teachers are prepared for any incident that may occur and always put the well being of their students first. The teachers and staff are very helpful and are great resources, the always take time out of their day to sit and speak with the students that need help. We have many resources to get tutoring and other help.
Sparks High School is very unique and diverse both in the students and the staff. although it is one of the city's oldest schools, it is not at all outdated. Sparks High contains many different students from many different backgrounds. The staff is very friendly and the whole school is very welcoming and treats everybody like family. The administration is well involved and supportive in all clubs and activities that the students create or do. I believe Sparks High is one of the best schools in all of Nevada, and is a very well rounded school.
What I like about Sparks High School is the support students receive from the staff. I truly believe that the success of the students is in everyone's best interest.
What I love most about Sparks High School is how welcoming and open-minded a lot of the people are. The students are always there to help and answer questions and the teachers are amazing. I love talking to the teachers and asking how their day is going even if I don't have them for a class. The principle and other staff are also amazing and so helpful. The principle is going into classrooms to say good morning to teachers and students and his smiles light up everyone's day. I don't regret coming to this school at all and I would definitely recomend it to others.
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My experience at Sparks high was very good. The teachers were very helpful throughout my 4 years and I loved the diversity. It felt like everyone was close with one another. I hope in the future the school can get more money to improve its academics, sports and clubs.
Sparks High School is like a family we all come together in our spirit weeks and games and show our love to each other some way. I feel safe to walk around my school and getting a good morning or smile from someone. The way that people help each other even though they don’t know each other.
What I like about Sparks High School is how it tries to get everyone involved. They create such enthusiasm in their assemblies. What I like to see change is how they communicate with their students. The counselors with the students need a better way of communication. Setting up appointments is a hassle.
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