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What I like about Sparkman High School, is it has a diverse environment with students and staff. They have a lot of opportunities for students.
I loved all of the extra curriculars offered at Sparkman, not only were there multiple options, the teachers truly cared about you and the class. Every AP class I took was an amazing experience and left me feeling prepared to take the AP exam at the end of the year. I have meet some of my best friends here and I am so thankful for my wonderful experience at Sparkman.
This school has one of the highest graduation rates in the state with nearly 3000+ students. If anything was wrong with this school it would have to be the building, it just needs a touch up and it will be just fine.
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Sparkman was a very good high school experience. They had lots of clubs and activities outside of school and offered great advanced classes.
It’s a very good school. Staff and faculty are really nice. The teachers are willing to help students with anything.
Sparkman High School is a great high school in Harvest, Alabama. It was recently named one of the best high schools in the state of Alabama by U.S. News and World Report. When it comes down to education the teacher's are willing to help you if you are in need of help. There is a lot of school spirit and the students get along very well with each other.
I moved to Sparkman High during my senior year of high school. This school really wants the kids to excell and to do something with their lives. Not one single class, I had took the easy route. This school prepares you for college courses and real life.
Sparkman Highschool is a fantastic school when it comes to college prepardness. The extra curriculars are spectaular, specifically Medical Academy and the Photography program, both of which I have participated in. They bother offer amazing oppurtunities to their students that set them far above where others would be if they were interested in either of those specific fields. And not only that but I have heard amazing feedback about the band program and plenty of the sports. The only area where I could see improvement being needed would be in some of the core courses, math for example has been a let down for me for 2 of the 3 years I've been there. But nevertheless, I've been able to succeed and learn in all of the subjects I've been in.
I like most everything about the school. The teachers care about their students and the AP program is amazing. The renovations on the school will surely help with the overcrowding and will help modernize the school.
Fantastic programs to get students exposed to several extracurricular activities. Large student body prepares students for college life. Teachers and staff are genuinely concerned for student's education and safety. Sparkman High
provides students many opportunities and resources to learn and grow.
Fantastic programs to get students exposed to lots of different extracurriculars and activities. Large student population really prepares you for college life of not knowing everybody and building good friend circles. Teachers and staff are dedicated to making sure the student is in a safe environment where they can grow at the pace they choose. Students are given many opportunities and resources to learn and grow on their own should they choose to do so.
Not awful, but it could definitely be better. I am in band and photography and I love both of those, but there are other things I wanna change.
This school is very welcoming. Although it might be big, it’s easy to connect with people. I’ve been going to Sparkman for four years now and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t choose any other school to go to. The teachers are amazing and very easy/fun to converse with. You make lots of friends, but you lose many more. They are not going to get you through high school. They are not going to get your diploma for you. They are not going to get good grades for you. In that case, it’s okay to have a few friends, but don’t let it be a distraction. Focus on your school work and studies. Surround yourself with people that’ll motivate you to do better, that’ll motivate you to stay on your p’s and q’s.
I like how a majority of teachers and counselors at Sparkman care a lot about your well being and your plans for your future. I would like to see the use of technology increase at sparkman to streamline the learning process for students.
For an academically-driven student, Sparkman High School does not provide adequate opportunities for their students to achieve. There are not many AP courses to enroll in and - in my experience - for the few AP classes offered the teachers are underprepared (or unwilling) to help students with the material. The school does not provide any other resources to help outside of the classroom leaving the students to fend for themselves when it comes to learning new material.
I liked how the teachers cared about your education and they did everything that they could so that a student is able to receive the grades they want if they are willing to put the work in. Sparkman High School also helped me be more prepared for real life problems by teaching me about time management. One thing that I would like to see change is having every core class teacher have students take practice ACT tests daily so that they would be better prepared when they have to take the test. This also gives them the opportunity to be exposed to more material than they would have been before.
I love how a lot of the teachers are willing to sit down and help their students. I hope that soon the dryers will blow at least warm air.
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During seventh and eighth grade I went to private school and was very shy and reserved. I was worried about starting at such a large public school and thought there was no way anyone would talk to me and also also worried I would be behind and my teachers wouldn't allow me to reach out for help. I was very surprised when my teachers noticed that I wasn't grasping the materials in class and reached out first and offered me tutoring after school to catch me up on things I had missed out on. I also learned how to open up thanks to the encouragement from my teachers and even some of my peers. Sparkman High School allowed me to learn and grown not only as a student but also as a person.
I loved how many diverse clubs that are offered at my school. Everyone in the school has an opportunity to be active in school groups. I also love how we have a college counselor to help with college decisions and college financial issues. Lastly, I like how supportive the staff is. Everyone is friendly and you could go to any teacher or counselor and feel comfortable to talk and express how you feel. Also, the principal is very open to listen to all students new ideas or any questions we have.
Sparkman High School has good security and parent engagement. they communicate with parents where there is any safety concerns and let them know when the problem is solve. weather alert ready is great. high precentage rate in academics A and B honor roll students. I was one of them. Teachers are concern about students education. Atheletic department give you a chance
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