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Attending Southwestern Academy had been an excellent experience. Teachers are so supportive. I remember entering the school the first day, I was appreciated by teachers and peers of diversity in cultures. If in Sports, coaches are very professional in training. It's like a family at Southwestern. Teachers truly care. Teachers still connect with you after you start working. Which is a very unique experience.
Hi, this is Soo Min Lee!
I went to SWA for two years and some summers.

If you are looking for school with lots of fun experiences, this is the school.

Also SWA has ESL classes, learning American culture as well as the language.

I loved eating experiences at SWA.

You just got to go and find out for yourselves.
This place is a money scam. Avoid. Too much safety to the point that it feels like prison. The worst year of my life was here.
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Very nice teachers, school time is great. Everything after classes finish is horrifying, I’m talking about the dorm life. School doesn’t care about dorm students. The overprotective environment is there not because they care about students safety, they just neglect the wants and needs of students and are lazy to change anything. Students can’t go anywhere before Friday. And if you go, you have to find someone to go with you. So if on Wednesday night you ran out of pads or snacks or whatever, suck it up. And then on Friday you want to go out to get stuff which you need but your only two friends left home for the weekend, well bummer wait until next weekend. You can’t order food before Friday either. I understand if they won’t let 13year old go somewhere by himself, but if you are 16-17 you should have at least an opportunity to check in and check out by yourself to get yourself pads if you need to and not stress out about finding someone who would go with you somewhere.
"I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. This school is very good because I get to do things that can't do at home and I love seeing my friends.
It is fascinating you get to meet so many new people you have never met before from all over the world you can really get to study in all different fields the school offers allot of things. Theres allot of things the school should improve on especially for Dorm students. Things like diversity and the food.
This is a really good school. If I can put more stars I'll sure put more. The school have a lot of fun and activities. The school is like a family
Southwestern academy is a great school, there’s so many varieties of activities you can do and the best things about the school is that you get to meet so much students from different countries!
Along with this, in order to foster the power to survive the 21st century, schools in the future will learn basic and basic knowledge and skills, as well as foster thinking and judgment, expressive skills, and willingness to learn It is important to emphasize the improvement of the relationship, the formation of various human relationships, and the formation of habits. It should be noted that these can be effectively fostered through various language activities and collaborative learning activities.
In the future, it is required to train teachers who support such new learning and to establish an image of teachers who will continue learning.
You get to meet many people from other places and you get to get to learn other languages also you can get academics and sports done. You can make friends with all of the people.
It’s a really nice school but there can be many improvements made on food. And I wish we can change some of the school rules.
School needs a nurse and a full-time counselor. There were instances/emergencies where students needed adequate and immediate professional care, and it just wasn't available.
I went here, my dad went here, my brother goes here. To say the least we've enjoyed our experiences at this school. It's a great place and I have never felt more welcomed and included anywhere in my life.
I came to Southwestern from a big, public middle school with a student body that mainly consisted of Hispanic students. Coming to Southwestern, a small;l, extremely diverse school gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures. As a day student, I was still able to do all of the activities. I became President of the Environmental Associates and joined drama. I had an excellent Expository Writing teacher, Ms. Williams; a great math teacher, Mr. Herbst; and an awesome 4th year science Astronomy teacher, Ms. Brunjes. Overall, I enjoyed my experience very much.
This is a great school, my child was going to join in, to learn in this school. My child loved it so much. This school have many sports.
A good place to study and learn different Asian culture and this is a good place for peopel to traning survival skill by eating school food( a vegetarian chef cooks meat for whole school and doesn’t allow anyone change his recipes)
Southwestern Academy is a small private institution. Because of the small population, I got a chance to participate in numerous activities. This wouldn't have happened if I attended a bigger school. Hence, the little student body forms a strong bond. We're like family. Moreover, the teachers are accommodating and friendly.
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Southwestern Academy is a good place to develop and learn more about not only the books world but also outside in the real world. You see different cultures and types of people and it can be overwhelming but it definitely can build your communication skills and helps you with your people skills. No, Southwestern Academy isn't perfect but its definitely a good learning experience and a good place to start you off for the world.
Over all the school is good. Very nice teachers, however, dormitory staff are very disrespectful. Their main goal is to make student's life miserable, by creating useless rules. Although the campus is very beautiful and students are very bright with a big potentials. Worth applying if you are mentally strong
Gives students a great opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds. Great for networking. Beautiful and safe Campus.
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