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Throughout the past 4 years of attending this school, I've come to really enjoy it. The atmosphere is always welcoming and the teachers I have had as a student are always outgoing and willing to help. I cannot think of a time when I needed some kind help and an employee of the school said not now or no to me.
It is your average High school. It is one of the newer schools in the Imperial valley. All my teachers have been great except for about two. The food is not amazing but not bad.
Southwest High School is the only IB certified school for miles. It is the only school with an orchestra program in the valley. Staff and students both create an encouraging environment. I feel as though they should focus more on students' rights rather than protecting antiquated practices and protecting teachers.
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Most of the teachers care, compared to the admin and advisors the teachers probably care the most about the students. There's also a dress code that's aimed at women only, short length, tank top requirements, even though we live in 120 degree heat.
I liked the inclusiveness from my school. These past two years we've had one of the best principals, Mr. Phillips that has worked really hard to always be extra present for the students so I always felt safe and heard.
One of my favorite things about Southwest High School is the incredible staff and academic prgrams they have. For example their SACCHS and CTE pathways are amazing. I personally was a student enrolled in these programs. They provide studets with the opportunity to graduate as dental assistants or certified first responders! These opportunities are truly helpful and are not provided at many schools. The school has a great amount of resources available to students, but just like any high school, it lacks some resources in some areas such as enough textbook copies for students to have a set at home for homework and studying. Nevertheless, I don't think I could have gotten a better education or learning opportuity at any other high school in the imperial valley. The school is fairly new and does lack some culture to it, but that will develope with time.
The school overall is great, but just like any experience you have to personally make the most of it and take the initiative rather than wait for things to fall into your lap. Resources are there, you just need to seek them out. Very supportive teachers and good overall vibe.
my daughter goes here. it is a pretty good school as far as high schools go. she has had some trouble, however, by teachers and administration. she feels attacked. otherwise, good. everything else to my knowledge is at a normal level. it's a good school!
I liked many things about Southwest High School including the teachers who have given me excellent life advice not just as a student but as a person too. I also really liked how we were able to select a pathway in which we were interested in such as SACHS which is oriented towards a medical career. Now to some of the things that I disliked were that it was not an open campus, meaning that we couldn't leave campus during lunch to go to a restaurant and have actual good food not like the one they give in the cafeteria which is absolutely terrible, I would take a wild guess and say that only 1/3 of the school get lunch from there. Another thing that I dislike was that we would have to leave our stuff outside of the restrooms if we wanted to go in, there was always the risk of getting your stuff stolen. Despite my dislikings I would say that overall Southwest High School is a good school were you will learn and create many memories that you will remember for your entire life.
My experience at Southwest High School as been the best and enjoyed being part of that school that involves and helps everyone to be college ready. The teachers and staff are nice and are eager to help in whatever you need. The clubs/activities are fun to join and there are many to choose from!
The academic opportunities the school supplies is extremely well. It has many higher level option's for people to take such as honor's, advanced placement, and IB. Although academically, students can get far the experience there is not the best. The students in the school lack the pep and i think that comes from the ASB seeming as a separate entity in the school, separating students from those in the class that are meant to connect you to the school.
My experience so far attending Southwest High is how the teachers are involved with their students to succeed in life and to help myself and my fellow classmate's improvement to rich our goal. One thing I would change for my school is to improve the security on our campus because of our recent school threats towards staff and students.
Southwest High School is a good school. Teachers strive to support and teach their students. There are clubs that support different social groups, such as the MeCha group that promotes Latino culture or the GSA club, which supports the school's LGBT community. Because the school is close to the Mexican border, most of the students are Latinos. But, there are also students of Asian, African American origin, among others. In sports, Southwest High School does not stand out much. As for music and arts, there is the mariachi group which is numerous. However, art classes were currently canceled (2020) due to a lack of specialized arts personnel. As for College readiness, we have counselors, who are specialized in guiding students to continue their high education. The food is regular, we receive fresh fruits as well as frozen food. The facilities are also regular. The school has a gym, a theater, soccer, tennis and basketball fields.
Southwest is a pretty average school. There are some exceptional teachers, however, there are also some terrible teachers. The security is not the greatest.
Overall, I had a good experience while in Southwest High School. Most teachers proved to be excellent at their given subject while others assumed a more student-self teaching. The school staff was mainly respectful around students but their respect proved to be different towards parents when a certain incident came around. My only ill thought about this school is that they sometimes appear to do things for their own benefit and not the students. They hesitantly decide to do things that are for the student's well-being.
The culture at Southwest High School was like no other, the fact that you can go to any teacher/student/faculty member and have them know you in some way or shape, it is undefeated. There is a sense of unity and family, and social gatherings or celebrations were all intimate and meaningful. Throughout the years, I managed to have a clear and concise pathway to my career due the available resources on the campus.
I liked the environment within the Southwest high school campus because of how diverse the community is.
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My experience at Southwest High School has been excellent. Ever since my first day, I have felt so welcomed by teachers and other students. If I were able to change a thing about my school, it'd be the food, only because I have witnessed many people saying they wish they've had better.
My experience at Southwest High School has been pretty okay for me. There honestly has not been anything super exciting about it since it is just a regular high school. This high school is a bit different though, I expected a lot more school spirit while I attended it and there was not much of it, it was not as exciting as I expected it but it does have a great culinary program. It has it's good things like soccer and diversity. It's a good school to learn at.
I liked the overall culture and positive atmosphere that the student body created. I created some of my really good memories there and it is where I began to learn life lessons that I still am carrying on into my adulthood.
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