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My expericene at that school was very good and a learning experience they have very good teacher that prepared me for high school that's why I am going to college today. Also the thing I want to see improve at the school is the sports program they need more athletes to come out of there.
Southwest is a very diverse the teachers are nice as an 8th grader they are getting us ready for high school the strictness and importance of it. Sometimes southwest seems like we have a bad school but it is really nice and sweet school at southwest we are like a family.
My experience was great it molded me into this person I never thought I would be. Southwest alone taught me to except all kinds of people because I’m the real world you will have to. One thing I want to see change about the school is the way they run they will do things that will benefit you for only middle school instead of things that will benefit you for high school and college
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My experience with Southwest Academy was great. What I like about this school is that it was a very diverse. The teachers were very helpful but they would also make the work challenging. What I would like to see changed is the food because it did not seem that healthy and it was not very good.
I used to go to Southwest Academy in the year of 2012-2015. The teachers were excellent in giving advise to there student. They talk most of the culture in the world to our knowlegment. They try to involve every parent to encorage and persuade their child to let them know that education gives knowlegment and power that will help the our furture generation .
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